3 Things to Test Before Launching Your Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is the grizzled old veteran nowadays. In our digitally-infused marketing environment, new advertising strategies and tactics are consistently being developed and tested. The rise of influencer marketing is both unique and exciting, and while this newcomer has shown promising results in driving traffic for businesses, email marketing remains one of the lowest barriers to entry — all while producing a high ROI.

The argument that email’s relevancy is higher today than ever before could also be made. Today’s economy is becoming more flexible, as many desk jobs are going remote, allowing companies to operate smoothly even when their employees are geographically scattered. The rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has enabled individuals to be just a few swipes away from their inbox. News consumption and consumer shopping have rather quickly shifted from physical subscriptions and physical storefronts to online living.

These examples and others illustrate how the 21st-century consumer is different than any of their predecessors — instead, these consumers are closer than ever to advertisers and are more willing to openly allow advertisers to infiltrate their online ecosystem.

This has lead to the resurgence of email marketing’s power and potential. Thus, re-highlighting the need for email campaigns to be checked and double-checked before launched.

“Every email deserves to be tested — yes even when you use that trusty template that’s never done you wrong. But technology should not be trusted blindly. In fact, email design and automation programs are capable of breaking your design, misliking, and butchering your responsive elements.

Before you click the send button, make sure that you have a list of quality control measures that will prevent you from making a critical mistake that could affect your opens, clicks, conversions, and most importantly — your brand.”
– Holly Ozanne, Venta Marketing Digital PR Specialist

Checking Links

Links are essential components to email campaigns. They highlight important external resources that are relevant to your mailing list recipients. Linking to a 404 page is the worst feeling, so manually click on all of the links in your email to ensure they are going to the correct landing page with the correct link structure.

Surveying Subject Lines

Review your subject line data (if available). What past open rates have you achieved with previous subject lines or specific words? Does the subject line make sense for your audience? Will it make them want to click? Should you use an emoji? As the first impression recipients receive, ensure that it is engaging.

Looking at Design Elements

Emails that just consist of block text are so 2005. Today, emails aim to be another form of engagement. From embedded videos to GIFS and animations, today’s emails are looking to spice up a message with visual effects. However, before sending that new email, send a test email ensuring all mechanisms work properly when displaying.

Need Help with Your Email Marketing?

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