Does My Website Host Matter?



End of article.

Okay, so I can’t leave this article there. It requires a higher word count for SEO purposes, in addition to providing more context to your Google query. My boss would also be disappointed, and that never bodes well for performance reviews. Otherwise, I’d leave it right there — that yes, your website host DOES matter.

But I can’t. So here is a little backstory in web hosting and its importance. Oh, also consider the fourth wall broken.

What is Web Hosting?

A web host provides businesses and individuals the ability for their website or webpage(s) to be visible on the internet. These hosts are responsible for the backend technology setup and maintenance that enables your site to be viewable to any internet surfer.

When you create a website, you’re developing content to fill it with. Files, images, videos, etc. need a location to be stored in order for them to be viewable. This is where the host comes into play. By providing you disk space and bandwidth, your web content is able to be accessed through the host’s server.

A web host is responsible for items such as server maintenance, keeping software and hardware updated, troubleshooting errors, and more.

Why Bad Hosts Cost You

Hosting can be thought of as the bottom rung of a ladder. Easy to forget about, but essential for going anywhere. If your bottom rung is non-existent or broken, you’re going to face a variety of issues for your business. With a lot of web hosts out there, it can be tempting to go with the most cost-effective option. However, hosting is NOT the area to cut corners on. This part of your business needs to be an investment as it pays forward dividends to your website.

If you are hosting with a bad provider, you’re going to lose money. Here’s how…

  1. Lowered SEO rankings
    • Due to limited available disk space and cluttered bandwidth, issues like slow load times and website downtime occur. These issues factor in search engine rankings.
  2. Frustrated Visitors
    • User experience is everything in this age of the internet. If your visitors are having a difficult time accessing or navigating your site due to connectivity issues you’re going to be losing website traffic.
  3. Poor Support
    • Web hosting servers require constant monitoring and regular updates. Backend website issues often relate to your host and call for their adjustment in order to get your website back into working order. Bad hosts are known for having poor customer service and technical support.
  4. Lack of Disaster Preparation
    • Website disaster happens. Sometimes servers crash, and if files are not properly backed up your web files could be lost.
  5. Security Concerns
    • Cheaper hosts are cheap because they skimp on features that are actually necessary like specific firewall protections and security plugins. Don’t run the risk of placing your website in a dangerous environment.

What Type of Hosting Server Do I Need?

There are four main types of web hosting servers: shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated.

Shared: Your files are housed on a server with several other websites where you all share bandwidth and disk space. This type of host is only recommended for small blogs or portfolio type websites with minimal traffic.

Cloud: Similar to a shared server, but resources are spread across multiple server points. If performance is lacking, other servers help make up the difference. A considerable option for local businesses that don’t require a lot of traffic interaction like online buying, downloads, etc.

VPS: Virtual private server is located on a shared server but you receive dedicated resources that are 100 percent only allocated toward your website use and needs. An all-around great option for most websites, and provides better security and performance reliability.

Dedicated: Businesses own their own servers, receiving all the resources the server has to offer. However, dedicated servers are the most expensive, and really only needed for enterprise-level websites.

Need Help Finding a Good Host?

At Venta Marketing, we are helping businesses meet their goals head-on. As leaders in the digital marketing industry, we know the ins-and-outs of what makes up good hosting. Contact us if you are curious about how we can host your website safely and effectively!