Delta Helps Increase Sales by 600%

Dots! is a leading online soccer equipment retailer needed some help improving the shopping experience on owner Tony Marrero called on Delta Systems to help improve the shopping cart and checkout process as well as improve the speed and product search and listing capabilities of the website. Some search engine optimization (SEO) practices were also needed in order for the site to become more “Google friendly.”

Delta Systems was able to improve upon and extend a third party ecommerce solution to allow Tony and his staff to more quickly and easily handle several aspects of their online store while providing a better experience for their customers.  There is still more work to be done, but abandoned shopping carts have dropped significantly, sales are way up, and Google is aware of 2,580 pages while Yahoo Search is aware of a whopping 7,819 pages located on This lead to a daily average increase in sales of 300% (versus 2006’s holiday season) with several days topping 600% increases.  Tony even had to cancel a few meetings with us because of the surge of orders needing to be filled.

Delta Systems wants to help make your business so busy that you too will need to cancel meetings with us because you’re too busy filling orders.  It costs nothing to find out exactly what we can do to help you experience triple-digit growth.  Give us a call today.