Visuals captivate the eyes, but move the soul. Multimedia changes your business for the better.

Why Multimedia

Multimedia provides countless opportunities for marketing, and more broadly — consumer relations. The value of multimedia cannot be overstated. It captivates and motivates audiences in ways, unlike any other medium in advertising. Videos and photos are nearly synonymous with today’s modern behavior, where attention spans are shorter and ads have been proliferated everywhere.

Power of Video

The use of multimedia is not just a good idea, it’s practically a requirement. With the power of video, businesses and organizations are better able to convey a clear message, attract viewership, and move potential customers toward actionable steps. Our Multimedia Department understands the importance of visual assets, and that in order to be successful in the online environment, they need to do more than look good. Through thoughtful analysis and well-researched consumer behavior modeling, we produce multimedia content that is positioned to speak directly to your target audience — and ensure that it is heard.

We Travel Anywhere

With a full spectrum of multimedia services, our team is comprised of experienced experts that have spent years in the film and photography industries. From traditional product videos to viral ready commercials to micro-documentaries to animations, and everything in between — we specialize in any project at any size. Oh, and did we mention we’ll travel anywhere?

Production Value

With great attention to detail and a strong focus on the project’s end goal, our Multimedia Department is equipped to bring your narrative directly to the consumer — one phone screen at a time. At the end of the day, our production value will leave coming back for more.

Multimedia Services

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Traditional Video

Traditional video is any business’s trusty sidekick. It plays a critical role in laying out your story to the masses. These assets serve as a wise investment, as video is the new language in which the 21st-century consumer communicates. Do yourself a favor, and let’s start recording.

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Advertising & Promotional

Multimedia has proven time and again to increase conversions, and better guide potential consumers through the sales funnel. Using multimedia assets in your advertising strategy isn’t just an idea — it’s a winning gameplan. See how the power of video leads to more eyes on your business.

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Educational & Informational

People consume content for two reasons: entertainment and education. More than ever, informational videos have become a popular source for consumers to find answers to problems. From learning how to accomplish the next DIY project to finally understanding what is going on in the news, educational video content is being sucked up as soon as it’s produced. If people have a questions regarding your service or product, you can almost guarantee they will watch an informational video about it — and a few more after that.

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First impressions mean a lot — especially in the digital era. Your website serves as your online hub, where potential customers flow in and out. Delivering a memorable experience is essential for your site being more than just a 10-second pitstop to modern consumers. Open the door to a new generation of web engagement with TimeKit creations.

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Motion Graphics & Animations

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. The same goes for video. Motion graphics and animations can be applied to nearly any project or asset you have in mind. From websites to paid campaigns, a small animated component might just be the element that leads to that coveted click.

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