Delta Helps with Entire New Look and Feature Set


Delta Systems just finished updating the digital music distribution system. The system now supports .WAV files in addition to the 320kbps MP3s previously available on the site. Artists are now able to specify 3 genres in which their music could be classified. They can also include links to multiple other websites they may have such as a page or perhaps a completely personalized website.

Aleven Creative ( provided the new look and graphics for all the artist websites. Delta Systems then took those graphics and tied them into the dynamic content generators and templates as well as the linking into Google Analytics for detailed reporting and conversion information.

Do you want to see an example of this new site? The Los Lonely Boys website on AirPlay Direct can be viewed at

The Press Release from AirPlay Direct:

Airplay Direct Announces New Services

AirPlay Direct announces two new services and upgrades to their digital delivery platform. The AirPlay Direct system now supports the delivery of two types of “broadcast-quality” files to radio stations globally; the CD quality .wav file, as well as 320k mp3’s. The enhanced platform will also now support the delivery of streaming video.

Beyond the exciting services upgrades, the AirPlay Direct artist and record label sites have been re-designed with a new, more modern look and feel.

AirPlay Direct continues to help shape today’s emerging digital music industry, and is the only company in the world that supports the professional independent music community with this suite of FREE digital delivery solutions.

“We are pleased to be able to expand our suite of digital ‘smart-toosl’ and to provide these valuable new services to our members. The best part of this announcement is that we will be delivering these new services to our members FREE of charge. To be able to contribute daily as a relevant resource for working professionals globally is very exciting. But to be able to contribute to the digital evolution and development of the music industry as a whole, in such a meaningful manner as this, brings a tremendous sense of achievement and pride to our management team and investors.” Robert Weingartz, CEO AirPlay Direct

Along with the upgrades, there are several new opportunities to place additional artist information on your site. We request that all AirPlay Direct members take the time to visit their new site to look around and ensure that it is operating correctly, and to complete all the new information fields. A completed site with all your current artist information will help our radio station members to identify and locate your music quickly and easily. Each artist can now upload one video to their site FREE of charge.

For easy to use site set up directions please visit or check the new landing page when you enter your artist site. Any questions for tech support may be submitted to support @ .

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