DELTA Game board Program Assists the Central Missouri Food Bank SCORE Against Hunger Campaign


DELTA Game board Program Assists the Central Missouri Food Bank SCORE Against Hunger Campaign

Hundreds attended the Central Missouri Food Bank’s 2003 Club Out Hunger Luncheon as part of the 2003 SCORE Against Hunger Campaign.

The Central Missouri Food Bank (CMFB) hosted the Club Out Hunger Luncheon on Friday, April 22, as part of their 2003 SCORE Against Hunger Campaign. The event is an annual fund-raiser for the Food Bank.

Donors heard Coach Gary Pinkel discuss the upcoming Missouri Tigers football season while they munched on grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwurst and side dishes, all in the MU Tailgate tradition.

New for this year was “Pinkel’s Pigskin Trivia Challenge,” a game that gave teams a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of Mizzou football and to raise money for the CMFB. In exchange for donations to the CMFB, each team could pre-purchase penalty flags they could use to impeded the progress of other teams. In total, thirty-two flags were purchased.

Seven teams competed for prizes such as autographed footballs and MU Tiger media guides; Truman the Tiger, Marching Mizzou, MU Cheerleaders and the Golden Girls were all on hand, generating excitement and an atmosphere charged with good-natured competition.

Players stood on a giant football field and moved up- and down-field as they answered questions correctly. While fun and exciting, this posed a problem: how to let the crowd see “all the action” without the Faurot Field’s video replay screen?

Sportscaster Chris Gervino poses questions
while MU Tigers Coach Gary Pinkel looks on.

At the request of CMFB’s Tim Rich and Peggy Kirkpatrick, Delta Systems Group responded quickly with software to display a graphic of the game board on a TV screen with icons representing each team. As the teams’ fortunes changed on the “field” below, the display was updated in real time to show their exact positions.

Reatha Templeton, a staff member at CMFB, commented, “It was difficult to see the markings on the floor with such a large crowd. The game board really tied it all together and helped to keep the crowd updated on the action.”

Competition was fierce, and those penalty flags came in handy: the Purple team got off to a slow start, but was able to capitalize on the eight penalty flags they’d acquired. Two teams crossed the goal line at the same time, but the Purple team answered the tie-breaking question correctly to win the game!