Business Times Company Partners with Delta Systems to Deliver Enhanced Online Content


The Business Times Company and Delta Systems are pleased to announce a new partnership that will bring the Columbia Business Times’ online presence to the next level.

Launching with the January 26, 2008 issue, will bring readers what they’ve been asking for:

  1. A PDF version of the ENTIRE printed paper (fully searchable)
  2. All stories will stay ONLINE FOREVER. Permanent links will be used – no more changing from issue to issue
  3. The FULL CONTENT of printed articles (all pictures, graphics, etc) will be online
  4. SEARCH for any string of text in any posted article
  5. PRINT an article replaces the links with the web addresses (since you can’t “click” on paper yet, you can read the address)
  6. A fully INTERACTIVE CALENDAR of events in a calendar format (not just a list)
  7. LINKS LINKS LINKS to local companies, organizations, and individuals mentioned in articles (without losing your place in the article)
  8. Like how the author wrote this story? Click their name on the byline to see a list of ALL articles they’ve written.
  9. Web-only articles, including last minute news, will be posted
  10. Web-enhanced content (articles that had to be trimmed to fit on paper will have the full version online as well as last minute updates to articles after the print version goes to press)
  11. Author and Editor Blogs
  12. Full listings of information that may not fit in the print version such as Deeds of Trust, Bankruptcies, New Businesses, and other Public Record information

Also of interest:

  1. the CBT is now one of the 4,500+ news sources feeding Google News
  2. CBT pages in Google Search results are now much more intuitive and readable (this will improve over time as Google reindexes the system)
  3. There are now a plethora of online advertising opportunities, including LOCAL ads you are interested in (we hate Netflix popup ads too)

The previous system only allowed posts in a fixed number of categories as well as a maximum of one image per article. This severely limited the quantity and quality of content the could be delivered on

A new database system will be employed that will allow complete creative control of article content. Authors and editors will now have the ability to post individual blogs as often as they like. We can keep going, but think you get the point. 🙂

Does your newspaper, magazine, newsletter, catalog, or other print publication need to be online?

Call Delta Systems at 573-442-9855 and let’s talk about how we can help get your content out there (and make money doing it!).