7 Ways to Make Your Emails Stand Out


Emails stuff inboxes. They pile up, unopened and untouched by recipients. One of the biggest hurdles facing email marketing is getting your emails to standout from the sea of digital envelopes. This dilemma is becoming increasingly important as the volume of emails being sent is expected to jump from 269 billion daily emails sent in 2017 to over 333 billion daily emails in 2022.

Users will be faced with even more options, and businesses will need to be that much better when it comes to winning their attention. As one of the best marketing methods that yield a high ROI, email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For many businesses, this is their main way of gaining new customers and retaining past consumers. So let’s break down how to improve your open rates, click-through rates, and building-out an industry-leading email campaign process.

1. Emailing is Done Via the Smartphone — Optimize!

The majority of email is done on mobile devices. The public now uses their smartphones and tablets for everything — Google searches, email, entertainment, etc. Therefore, it is safe to assume that most individuals receiving your emails will be engaging with them through a mobile device. Because of this, it is important that your emails are optimized for these devices. Meaning, minimizing photo/video/animation file sizes. Sending an email that won’t render properly will decrease the odds of recipients opening future emails.

2. No One Likes a Slimy Salesman

In the consumer savvy market we live in, hard-sell tactics are not a hit. Consumers don’t like being pressured, nor do they like being told what to do (especially when it comes to buying). It’s best to be honest, sincere, and informative in your messaging. Recipients are more inclined to positively respond to this type of selling methodology.

3. Personality Can Make or Break It

A strongly defined personality and tone for your emails can be enough to garner good open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately… sales. People associate themselves with personalities that they enjoy. Finding the right voice for your audience is crucial to getting your emails to regularly standout in the crowd.

“Before you write your first email draft or create a template, you must identify the voice and tone of your pitch. Great marketing is all in the messaging so you have to learn how to speak the audience’s language. If you speak to them in a tone or use jargon that doesn’t connect with them, you can expect very little email engagement and an unsuccessful campaign.”
– Holly Ozanne, Venta Marketing Director of Public Relations

4. Do You Use Facebook?

This tactic is hit and miss, but it absolutely will help to get your emails out in front of your audience. Facebook allows you to upload your emailing list into your custom audiences section, similar to when you are deciding who will see you paid ads on the platform. From there, you can recreate your email content and send it to each recipient via Facebook Messenger. Some recipients may not like it, but it definitely will get their attention.

5. The Art of Brevity

The world is fast-paced. Well – duh, but what does this mean for email marketing? Your email recipient has a short attention span when it comes to sifting through their inbox. Therefore, if you continuously send long, text-heavy emails, you’re probably going to have a difficult time seeing high open rates. Best practice includes keeping copy short and sweet. Good luck channeling your inner Ernest Hemmingway!

6. Add Movement!

Did you know that by adding a video to your email can increase click rates by over 300 percent? People want engagement. It is not a suggestion anymore, but a requirement that emails should include graphics, videos, animations, etc. These additions will promote an interactive and stimulating experience for email recipients — these are the type of elements that make people come back for more.

7. The Subject Line….

If a recipient opens your email largely hangs in the balance because of the subject line. This short sentence is responsible for a lot, in a little amount of words. It needs to be enticing, clever, informational, all in just 50 characters. Here is where A/B testing comes in handy, but it is best to incorporate strong action words, numbers, a little humor, and leave it open-ended (motivate the recipient to keep reading inside the email).

Need Help with Email Marketing?

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