Drip Email Marketing 101


Drip email marketing is a form of marketing that can and should be used by any business — no matter the industry. Simply put, a drip email campaign is sending pre-written emails to subscribers based on their status or behavior at specific intervals. 

Email marketing as a whole remains one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, even in the age of social media and programmatic ad buying. Drip email marketing is able to provide a more personal, individualized experience for potential customers compared to mass email blasts. This, in turn, should increase the engagement rate and click-through rate for your specific emails. 

In providing email subscribers with tailored emails, you are meeting them where they fall in relation to your product or service. Are they ready to buy? Need more information? Lost to follow-up? Based upon how email subscribers responded and interact with your drip emails, this helps you better segment subscribers into categories of: cold leads, warm leads, hot leads, and leads that should be removed from the list altogether. 

The end goal of drip email marketing is to better move interested consumers more efficiently through the sales funnel… from awareness to decision making. This form of marketing is effective in long-selling, cross-selling, and upselling for multiple products and services. 

A few drip email marketing tips to consider: 

  • Write with the idea of A/B testing in mind 
  • Keep emails short 
  • Provide value to the subscriber 
  • Don’t focus on the sale 

Additionally, drip email tactics do not need to be pigeonholed to just email. This type of marketing can be implemented in social media, text, mailers, etc.