What is 10x Content & How Can It Help My Content Marketing Strategy


Coined by Rand Fishkin of Moz, “10x content” is the pot of gold every marketer is chasing. Simply put, 10x content is content that is 10 TIMES better than the next piece of content that is ranking well for a particular keyword or phrase.

Fishkin laid out six specific points that make 10x, 10x.

  • Great UI and UX on any device
  • A combination of high quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and remarkable content
  • Notably different than current content creations
  • Evokes some type of emotional response
  • It solves a problem or comprehensively answers a question
  • Delivered in a unique, pleasurable stylized medium

Additionally, this content is considered to take more time to produce, provide deeper insight, and stimulate greater reader interaction. This results in 10x content (when done right) seeing better ranking positions and a higher volume of social indicators such as shares and likes. So it’s pretty straightforward, 10x content one-ups the competition. With the internet being filled with tons of bad and good content, what it truly lacks is great content. Today, most content gets buried in the pile of mediocrity.

Yet, 10x content is on a mission to change that.

Ways to Use 10x Content in Your Marketing Plan

Part of what makes 10x content so valuable is its ability to diversify. When doing a quick SERP for a specific keyword phrase such as “10x content,” you may find that long-form written content with visual graphs and charts currently rank the best. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

A pillar of 10x content calls for it to be delivered in a unique way — meaning marketers have the freedom to create content in any medium that significantly improves upon the current status quo. So maybe in the near future, the top result for the keyword “10x content” won’t link to a long article, but instead a video or podcast!

With the ability to mend and mold 10x content, marketers have the power to craft content that aligns with nearly any advertising goal they have.

Backlinks & Traffic Galore!

If you’re looking to beef up your link building, 10x content is a surefire way to achieve it. Due to the stinginess of link opportunities and the high-quality nature of 10x content, marketers find themselves at the right intersection of earning those coveted blue hyperlinks. The skyscraper technique epitomizes this.

Great Brand Awareness

Ranking in the top three spots on page one of Google results is anyone’s dream. The overwhelming majority of clicks are swallowed up by these three pages. If marketers are able to land their 10x content in one of these top positions, it provides businesses with a significant boost is brand awareness to the consumer. Even if the page visitor doesn’t purchase the service or product, name recognition has begun.

Funneling the Funnel

Driving sales figures is never easy. An uncountable amount of factors go into the buying decision on behalf of the consumer. However, content matters and works side-by-side with any sales funnel. The value a marketer’s content provides definitely sway the opinion and buying potential of any consumer. Therefore, being able to produce the highest quality of unique content on the market can leverage a company’s expertise, experience, and worth to buyers. In turn, the sales funnel is able to move potential consumers along stages.

A True Einstein

Lastly, 10x content can amplify a company’s status and place within an industry space by producing work that is inventive, thorough, exciting, and transforming. In producing this level of content, companies can position themselves to be viewed as thought leaders within their market. A great example of this is Neil Patel, who doesn’t blog often, but when does it is always 10x — groundbreaking insight.

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