Microsites vs. Websites – What’s Right For Your Business?


Microsites are gaining more traction within the marketing world. These offshoot sites provided businesses with a variety of options and uses for their advertising campaigns. As the name implies, it is easy to assume a microsite is just a small website. It’s neither that or a landing page — it’s somewhere in between.

The DNA that constitutes what a microsite is boils down to:

  • It focuses on a singular marketing campaign/topic
  • It has a unique URL
  • It has an individual theme and brand appearance, separate to the business’ main website
  • It is temporary
  • It is supported by its own individual content
  • Often contains external links and has multiple pages on site

Compared to websites and landing pages:


  • Built as the full information hub to your business
  • Contains numerous pages
  • Meant for indefinite use

Landing Pages

  • Made to convert visitors
  • Shares same URL as the website
  • Doesn’t contain external links
  • Only one page

Benefits of Microsites

Microsites, when done right, offer businesses several key benefits in the marketing goals. Three large factors include the ability to hyper-target specific audiences and niches, boost your SEO rankings for core keywords, and test new ideas and strategies on a target audience.

While microsites are only meant to serve for a certain timeline, they do give businesses a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness and educate visitors. In doing so, they must be distinct from your company’s main website and can’t rely on duplicate content (original content is a must for any microsite).

What’s Right for Your Business?

It all depends on your campaign marketing strategy. For some businesses, a website might be all you need. For others, the tactical use of landing pages and microsites can help see significant improvement for your KPIs.

Microsites can be a larger project since they require their own unique content and site structure. These marketing tools aren’t a quick creation like a landing page, but they are powerful when positioned properly.

If you are planning a large campaign focused on a singular goal, or are looking to experiment with a target audience, a microsite could be a good investment for your business: both monetarily and education-wise.

Microsites help:

  • Launch new practice areas or services
  • Communicate news and timely promotions
  • Educate about initiatives and motives
  • Target new markets
  • Promote branded events
  • Aggregate social media platforms
  • Build awareness and community for specific issues

Need Help With a Microsite?

At Venta Marketing, we are helping businesses meet their goals head-on. As leaders in the digital marketing industry, we know the ins-and-outs of how to effectively use a microsite. Contact us today if you are curious about our services!