Weekly Roundup: Top Digital Marketing News, Tips & Tricks 11/9 –11/13


Welcome to our weekly roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week. Staying on top of the latest digital marketing tactics can be a long and strenuous journey. It doesn’t have to be. #TeamVenta will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and advice.

1. How To Design The Perfect Contact Page

By: Brad Shorr
How To Design The Perfect Contact Page

People generally visit a site’s contact page with the intention of contacting the business. Ineffective design can make that intent difficult to achieve or even turn the user away from contacting you in the first place. This article really hones in on the importance of a well-crafted contact page and some tips on how to make it great.

Shorr recommends various steps for improving your page, such as limiting the number of required fields in a contact form, embedding Google Maps onto the page (Good for SEO, too!), including a privacy statement, and more. Here at Venta, we like to incorporate a lot of these “Contact” tricks on various pages throughout the site. Placing contact forms in sidebars on various pages and even in the footer can help users more readily convert, and an attractive design will help make that possible.

2. Moving Your Office Without Losing Rankings: The Local Business Owner’s Guide

By: Joy Hawkins
The Local Business Owner’s Guide

For a local business, ranking well in search engines is vital for obtaining new business and attracting those customers who are already searching for your services or products. When a local business moves and changes it’s address, a lot can go wrong with how that business ranks locally in search engines.

Fortunately, Joy Hawkins has provided us with a step-by-step guide on how to make the transition smoothly, so that search engines can easily recognize the move and not penalize your local listings in search engines. Many important steps include updating your Google Business Listing, ensuring the business listing of the business occupying the space prior to you is marked “closed”, embedding the Google Map onto your website (there’s that tip again!), and more. Moving offices is natural part of a growing business, and it’s tough to avoid. Enjoy your new space, and read some of these tips without worry of falling behind in local SEO.


3. Four Ways Marketers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

By: Tessa Wegert
Four Ways Marketers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

The data is in, and according to the “2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America” report, 94 percent of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategy and is now the most used social network among B2B marketers. LinkedIn gives businesses the tools to connect with influencers within the industry, share valuable insight and even generate new business if you’re doing it right.

This article features 4 ways marketers can get the most out of LinkedIn, including tips on creating long-form content, “supercharging” your company page, utilizing sponsored InMail and more. These tips are valuable for marketers and business owners alike who want to get more out of their social media marketing efforts. While we all know there’s value in being active on social media, insight on particular platforms can help you navigate what works best for you and your business.

4. A Look at Uber’s Landing Page Testing from 2015

By: iSpionage
A Look at Uber’s Landing Page Testing from 2015

This article features commentary on Uber’s landing page changes over 2015, an unbelievable example of what high-volume A/B testing can look like. In 2015 alone, Uber has thus far launched 47 different variations of its landing page. On average, they are altering the landing page that it’s PPC visitors arrive on at least once a week.

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, we have the ability to implement new strategies, track real-time results and react to those results almost immediately, and that is why this is such a fun industry. The article highlights some of the potential successes and struggles of A/B testing. Some landing pages remained the champion variant for weeks, but Uber’s PPC team monitored the results so closely that other pages would only be live for one day. With this example, we can truly see how many failures it can take to reach a truly successful design.

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