Weekly Roundup: Top Digital Marketing News, Tips & Tricks 11/30 – 12/4


Welcome to our weekly roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week. Staying on top of the latest digital marketing tactics can be a long and strenuous journey. It doesn’t have to be. #TeamVenta will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and advice.

1. How To Go Viral: Lessons From The Most Shared Content of 2015

By: Steve Rayson

An extreme amount of content is floating around the Internet, but only a small percentage goes viral – getting shared by millions of people. Even on the most popular viral sites, a small few actually become a hit. This article is published by Buzzsumo, an online tool that analyzes which online online performs best for any topic or competitor. Employees at Buzzsumo analyzed some of the most viral content in 2015, and this article provides lessons they learned and some insight on how we can all make our content more shareable. From “exploiting cute animals and babies” to “sharing the secret to a long life”, this article can provide some valuable insight for your next attempt at “going viral.”

2. Facebook & Instagram Now Offering Ads Targeted At Holiday Shoppers

By: Martin Beck

A new update to the audience selection in Facebook Business’s Power editor is now allowing advertisers to target their groups based on Facebook User’s posts and interaction with holiday-related keywords. This ad function will run from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve and will primarily gather data from the online sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What this means for advertisers:

  • 1. You will be able to directly target last minute, online shoppers, who could be more likely influenced by a quality promotion or engaging image.
  • 2. Facebook keeps evolving its advertising through co-oping with SEO. Using keyword analysis allows them to segment different groups for advertisers in the Power Editor and Ads manager.
  • 3. More value for Holiday Advertising Campaigns with the goals to sell specific products and to increase website clicks, over lead generation and Facebook Likes.

Based on this keyword analysis integration with Power Editor, we can predict and assume that Facebook will continue to do so, increasingly in 2016. Events and Holidays like the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day will more than likely receive the same treatment, allowing not only advertisers to hone in their marketing efforts, but also benefiting the customers in relevancy in the ads on their News Feed.

3. How to Find and Leverage the Freshest Links

By: Bill Sebaid

We call it “link recon,” and it is great way to incorporate our specific knowledge of SEO to any marketing/branding campaign. This article has some great tips on how to research and continually monitor new link opportunities. The great thing about these strategies is that they allow link builders to leverage other marketing/PR efforts to generate some great links for a website.

4. The Keys to Scaling Yourself as a Technology Leader

By: First Round Review

This article does a great job of outlining how to build up the tech in your company for the long run by creating a system that will work well with new employees coming in. First Round Review highlights and provides guidance on the importance of building sites and internal projects with the basis that anyone could come in and continue building any application the team has been working on with minimal knowledge of codebase.

5. 3 Ways a Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys in PPC

By: Allen Finn

We work with a wide variety of clients of PPC clients, big and small. Only a few times have we been the biggest dog with the biggest PPC budget. The difference is that no matter the size of the budget, we are constantly working to make the clients budget work towards their goals. This means trying different tactics, networks, and pulling long hours to switch plans when necessary. Wordstream provides a great example here of how they wowed a client in a tough industry with a lot of competition.

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