Top Digital Marketing Tools We’re Thankful For This Year


Even though we’re marketers at heart, we don’t do it alone. These tools help us better manage our client campaigns and push them to the next level. Thanksgiving is a time to press pause and reflect on what we’re thankful for. We are here to say “Thank You” to the companies who have built these tools and share our insight to help make your life easier, too. Below we feature the tools #TeamVenta is most thankful for:

Max Prokell
Founder & CEO

1. Harvest

“I am very thankful for Harvest. Harvest is a time-tracking software that allows our team to easily track and associate time spent on specific clients, projects and tasks.”

“There are many time-tracking software’s out there, but the one feature that sold me on Harvest was it’s running clock. The clock allows you to press start and stop when working on a project, and then you can get to work. The clock then runs and tracks your time up to the 100th of a minute. No more checking the clock and manually logging your time.”


“As an agency with locations in two cities, Harvest helps me understand exactly where and how we are spending our time. I can pull reports at any time that show me the time spent on specific project, service, or client, which make us a much more efficient and educated agency.”

Dillon Lara
Lead Web Developer

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is my code editor of choice for design and development. I love how stripped down it is. It never crashes and has the ability to add plugins, which can greatly increase efficiency in code development. I use it everyday, and it loads quickly so I can get started right away. The customization of the platform allows me to set up a theme with colors that are appealing to me and make the experience more personal for myself. I prefer it over all the other code editors on the market for it’s consistency in performance.”


“Here’s a list of a few of the packages I’ve added to my Sublime Text setup:”

Graham Ahner
Director of Paid Search

3. Unbounce: For A/B Testing Landing Pages Without I.T.

Unbounce is by far one of my favorite tools that I use multiple times a week. We’ve been using it for almost two years now. We were impressed during our initial product demo, and the product has continued to improve since. Here are some of my favorite aspects:”

  • The software allows us to create beautiful landing pages at ease, without having to bother our developers for extra help.
  • Simplified A/B testing so we can continuously improve our client’s campaigns backed by hard data.
  • Unbounce’s Client Support is amazing, and we use it regularly for tips, troubleshooting or any other related questions.
  • Unbounce regularly has free, conversion-focused webinars. Our schedule is busy, but it is always useful and worth it when we join them.
  • Although you don’t need to be a developer to be successful with Unbounce, using it has allowed me to understand some base-level coding that I am thankful for.
  • They give out super soft T-shirts when you see them at a conference. 🙂


“Overall, I am very pleased with the experience we are able to provide our clients through our use of Unbounce. I expect that to increase as the tool continues to improve moving forward.”

Courtney Lindbeck
Director of Internet Marketing

4. Canva

“Before I discovered Canva, I spent much time in Photoshop looking up font names and styles, creating shapes and graphics to complement the image and make it unique, resizing graphics for various platforms (Facebook post size, Pinterest post size, etc.), and more. Finding free and high-resolution images also took time away from the content itself.”

“For the busy digital marketer’s out there, Canva is a simple graphic design tool that you can use to create flyers, social media images, presentations and much more – in half the time. It has beautiful and free templates, images, fonts, graphics and styles to use at your disposal – by simply dragging and dropping. You can customize each design by color, font, etc. and upload your own graphics and images for use. Canva also stores all your past projects in your account, so you can always make edits or begin working where you left off.”


“Canva has saved me a lot of time and energy on creating beautiful graphics. What I am most thankful for is that Canva opened my eyes to trendy designs, fonts and styles that I would’ve had to spend time searching for. This platform can help all types of marketers and everyday people improve their design and their content, and I highly recommend it!”