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For far too long, UX designers and digital marketers have separated themselves into two different worlds. When it comes to creating landing pages, designers typically prioritize functionality over the campaign’s messaging and content. Meanwhile, marketers are focused on conversions and growing sales numbers through unique calls to action. This divide can ultimately hurt your lead generation so to avoid this obstacle, your business can create a seamless process with Unbounce, the leader in landing page design and development.

Driven by great user experience and built by digital marketing experts, Unbounce is the premier platform for creating conversion-friendly landing pages. The name “Unbounce” literally means to improve the user’s experience and reverse the high bounce rates that come with using poorly performing landing pages. Unbounce’s intelligent platform is widely used by digital marketers because it powers millions of conversions for businesses every year. Unbounce will allow your team to quickly create, launch, and test high-converting landing pages without the hassle of debating design over development.

While many people believe that they just need to spend more money to receive more traffic, Unbounce found that if you reduce the bounce rate through optimization, your conversion rate is more likely to rise. Although these two factors are not always directly linked, reducing your bounce rate can keep more people on your landing page and further expose them to your marketing. Simply buying more traffic can’t guarantee an increase in ROI so if you are paying for advertising but your conversion rates are falling short then it’s time to take a look at how Unbounce’s strategies can change the way you do business.  

But before we dive into the specifics of how you can improve your landing pages with Unbounce, let’s review the benefits of using landing pages for online lead generation.


A Final Destination

The main benefit of using landing pages is being able to have a focused and targeted online destination for your customers. Websites are often crowded and can create a lot of distraction, thus interrupting or breaking the customer’s path to conversion. When you send someone to a website with over 50 pages of content, it’s nearly impossible to track their journey to conversion. By limiting the on page distractions you are more likely to convert prospects into leads with a well-defined destination and will be able to track leads through on-page analytics. Once you have found repeated success in your ads and landing pages, you can let them do the work for you and relax while the leads roll in.


Increasing Conversions

When you separate your campaigns from your main website, you can become solely focused on converting leads instead of educating your audience. Your conversion rates will be able to show who is clicking and exactly where they are taking action with a simple, goal-oriented landing page experience. According to statistical research by Marketo, landing pages are used by 68% of B2B businesses to acquire leads and 52% of companies are using performance testing on a regular basis. This data shows us that incorporating landing pages into your marketing strategy should be a priority and when you consider that most paid search campaigns send visitors to a specific lead form anyway, it would be silly of you to not use a landing page.


A/B Testing

Depending on your budget, you may have multiple sources of traffic like email campaigns, links, and display ads driving leads to your landing pages. By using landing pages as the destination for these traffic sources, you can easily test individual landing page variations for each audience segment. The A/B testing technique will allow you to identify the conversion triggers and refine each user path with undeniable data. A/B testing is considered to be one of the best features of landing page production tools because you can test to find the perfect mix of marketing and design. Lucky for you, Unbounce facilitates landing page production so A/B testing can be easily incorporated into your marketing process.

Now that you’re ready to enhance your online lead generation with landing pages, let’s review the basics of Unbounce’s best practices and see how they will help you elevate your landing page strategy.


Unbounce Fundamentals 

1. Be Relevant

2. Stay Consistent

3. Remain Focused



The Fundamentals

The fundamentals of great landing page design boil down to three things, provide relevant information, have a consistent message, and keep the user focused on the main call to action. If your landing page is an unholy mess of information and disjointed messaging your users are going to bounce harder than a basketball in Michael Jordan’s hands. Resist the urge to send potential customers on an exploratory journey through your landing page and identify one goal, one message, one call to action for each landing page.

In keeping with Unbounce’s fundamentals, the landing page design, messaging, and tone should be consistent with the expectations your user had from the moment they clicked on your ad. When dealing with potential new customers, you need to be articulate and answer their questions without boring them. As you create content for your ads and landing pages, take a step back and refine them to ensure that users digest the most important copy first. No one likes a lecturer so it’s paramount to get right to the point without skipping over any meaningful information.


The Fold – Above? Below? Who Really Knows?! 

The “above the fold” concept is as old as printing words itself but it remains an important and frequently debated part of website design. Across all digital mediums, the fold relates to where the scrollbar meets the bottom of the top portion of the device’s screen. The importance of placing calls to action above the fold has been debated over time but the fold still requires understanding and consideration from all marketers wanting to deliver an engaging experience.

In Unbounce’s opinion, to ensure that visitors convert, the call to action should be placed above the fold and restated at intervals further down the page. If you are required to produce a longer, more detailed landing page, try and place your calls to action in natural breaks throughout the content sections. Understanding the dimensions of each device is also very important when placing calls to action above the fold but thanks to Unbounce, your landing pages will be mobile-friendly and automatically responds to different screen sizes. By creating responsive landing page templates with above the fold calls to action, Unbounce will help your business eliminate user friction and increase the chances of a conversion.


The Power of Video

All landing pages, especially long ones, should experiment with video and different types of multimedia. Unbounce’s customers consistently see positive results with inserting video on their landing pages, producing longer time on page averages and conversions. Because landing page visitors spend more time watching engaging videos, your persuasive messaging is more likely to resonate with them and produce results.

According to HubSpot, 65% of marketers who were not using video before 2018 planned on incorporating more multimedia assets into their marketing campaigns within the year. Just like written content, it’s about quality over quantity so make sure that your landing pages only have one featured piece of multimedia content. Refrain from overloading your landing page with too many videos and don’t be afraid to invest in quality video production.


If you need more information about high-quality video production, visit our Multimedia Services page and see how Venta Marketing can improve your landing page assets.


You’re Ready!

As you can see, the reasons for dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to the production of landing pages significantly outweighs the alternative. The sooner you start building, testing, and optimizing landing pages with Unbounce, the sooner you can start collecting your return on investment. Now that you know how Unbounce can have a positive impact on your landing page strategy it’s time to put your budget where your leads are. Take control of your lead generation today and try one of Unbounce’s landing page templates for yourself!