The 4 Best Free SEO Tools Online


The organic world is tough. Outperforming your competition, staying within the good graces of Google’s algorithm, and providing the best user experience for your consumers. No one said, “do SEO if you want a cakewalk.” Unfortunately, in the SEO world, success doesn’t come easy and there normally isn’t any cake.

However, this isn’t all gloom and doom. Driving traffic to your website boils down to one thing — are you providing the user with the right information in an efficient manner? If you can do that, then you’re going to see positive results. Thanks to people who are a lot smarter than me, hundreds of free SEO tools have been created to help tip the scale in our favor.

I’m going to briefly break down four of the best free SEO tools found online. These Venta fan favorites cover the SEO areas of content, backlinking, research, and technical. A quick side note, these four tools are not going to include the most common SEO tools that you’re probably already using like SEMrush or Google Search Console. This list is hoping to add new value to your SEO projects, so without further ado — let’s begin.

Use SEOquake for Your Technical Needs

SEOquake is a free browser extension that is arguably the most powerful SEO toolbox you can get without handing over your credit card every month. The technical aspect of SEO is vital to any meaningful traffic reaching your website, therefore, having a tool that offers multiple auditing features is a key factor when looking for helpful programs.

SEOquake allows you to perform thorough site analysis without launching any background application (your RAM is thanking you). With real-time diagnostics, examination of internal and external linking, and data exporting capability, SEOquake helps identify and recommend fixes to enhance site function.

This all-in-one SEO kit provides users with the technical needs to improve their website all for the price of free — you’re not going to find better than this platform.

Animalz Revive is Here Administer CPR to Your Content

Animalz Revive is your solution to dying content. Your website is filled with loads of content, some of it is one, two, or even maybe 10-years-old. While that content might have been traffic-driving when it was first published, more likely than not, that’s no longer the case.

This free tool works in conjunction with your Google Analytics to sift through your pages to find which ones are performing well, and which ones need a facelift. This saves you time on both the front and backend — instead of pouring more time into new articles and blogs, you can optimize, update, and expand previous content for better traffic results.

(Before Animalz Revive you had to manually look through your top and low performing pages.)

We really enjoy a unique feature that shows you how many visitors you’re losing since your peak traffic. Sounds like it’s time to update some content.

Link Building Made Easy(ier) With Detailed

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: link building is one of the hardest aspects of driving SEO traffic, but it also can result in some of the biggest payouts. What makes link building difficult is that it takes two to tango, other websites need to be willing to backlink to your site. Easy in theory, but difficult in practice. However, Detailed has made that job easier.

Detailed focuses on what is causing link creation for popular websites across thousands of niches. Their link index tracks over 90,000 links per day. What makes Detailed so valuable to your SEO strategy is that their free linking research can help plan out your link building strategy, in addition to sniffing out what trends and topics are leading to successful link placement.

Keywords From Answer the Public

Okay, so this might be one you’ve heard of before, but we just love it so much. Answer the Public is a keyword generator but acts differently than most. While the majority of SEO keyword tools pull from Google and Bing, this free site uses a different formula — it pulls keywords from the questions people ask on forums, blogs, and social media

Ask the Public Keyword Research
(Answer the Public turns your keyword into relevant questions pulled from forums, blogs, and social media.)

Answer the Public takes your keyword and then turns it into a fun looking sitemap that further expands your initial query. One of the coolest features with this platform is the “vs. keywords,” which looks at searches and finds popular and relevant searches like “Chevy vs. Ford.”

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