3 Ways to Use SEO Video Marketing for Your Business


The rise of video is here and has been here for the past couple of years. With Youtube being the second largest search engine on the internet, the value of video content is proving to be at an all-time high.

A recent study suggested that 72 percent of people are more likely to watch a video, instead of reading text content located on a landing page. The desire for video content continues to increase, and businesses that are investing in video marketing are reaping the rewards, as surveys have shown that branded video is the most memorable form of content consumed.

Unfortunately, many businesses view the barrier to entry for video production too high — this is inaccurate. Right now, it has never been easier or cheaper to produce professional video. Additionally, we feel as though marketing agencies are not pushing hard enough for their clients to invest in video content.

The networking giant, Cisco, is predicting that by 2021, over 80 percent of consumer traffic will be video content. Pretty soon video marketing will no longer be giving businesses a leg up on the competition, but instead a mandatory standard for staying relevant in the digital space.

We’ve broken down three ways to use SEO video marketing to help your business grow.

1. Driving Conversions with Video Marketing

The power of video is really something of an enigma. For example, a marketing email with the subject line, “10 Best Marketing Strategies for 2020” is on average going to have a 19 percent lower open rate than if the subject line included the word “video.” Let’s say 10,000 people opened that email — if the subject line read, “Video: 10 Best Marketing Strategies for 2020,” you potentially could have added an additional 1,900 opens.

Part of the reason people prefer video content over other forms of media messaging might be passive consumer behavior. However, it also could be a more stimulating and useful experience for the 21st-century audience. Studies have illustrated that consumers are more likely to understand what your business provides or sells when a video explains it, as opposed to text.

Crafting video content that is CTA focused can help funnel greater lead conversion, by simply saving consumers time with direct business to customer messaging.

2. Increase Backlinks with Video Marketing

Another way to use SEO video marketing is to leverage backlinks. In marketing, your goal is to have all roads return to your website, and backlinking is a great way to expand your reach while helping drive traffic back to your individual site.

The thinking behind backlinking and video marketing is to create content that is worth sharing. The regurgitation of content runs wild in 2019, and this can work in your favor (considering the site using your content properly attributes you). By developing video content that is either entertaining or educational, you are prone to connect with audiences outside your direct ecosystem.

Hundreds of thousands of websites are looking for video content to share on their own sites, and by soliciting your video content to relevant web domains, it can result in backlinks landed, and therefore, greater website traffic.

To further drive home why backlinking is such a good strategy for video marketing centers around why people turn to Youtube. The two top reasons people use the video-sharing platform is (1): to learn how to fix something, (2): to be entertained. If your marketing videos can educate or entertain people while branding your company, you’ll see your content being picked up across the web.

3. Spread Brand Awareness with Video Marketing

Arguably the most important way to use video marketing — is brand awareness. While tracking the ROI of brand awareness video content is harder to follow compared to backlinking and conversion marketing, when done right, it can yield the biggest results.

Brand awareness video content is the best way to share your company’s voice with the 21st-century consumer. A majority of content consumption occurs on mobile devices, which primarily is video, as people prefer to not read text on their smartphone. Therefore, meeting the consumer where they are can pay dividends in the pocketbook.

Roughly 60 percent of consumers prefer to buy from companies they are familiar with, and this translates to gaining facetime with the customer. It is reported to take about seven separate impressions to gain any type of brand awareness with a potential customer, and that’s just the foundation.

People buy from who they feel like they know, brand awareness can deliver a sense of comfortability through SEO video marketing.

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