Motion Graphics & Animations

Movin' and groovin' in the right direction.

Video Makes Everything Better

Sometimes full productions and custom video doesn’t fit the project. But that doesn’t mean multimedia isn’t the answer. Motion graphics and animation are an innovative and compelling way to connect with an audience. The use of motion to attract attention and push a narrative can be done in minimal and subtle ways that put the consumer experience over the edge — and in your sales funnel.

Options, Options, Options

Cinemagraphs, which is the use of small movement in ad sets, webpages, and more, is an effective means to supplementing other elements of marketing materials. All done in post-production, our talented Multimedia Department is able to turn business assets into high-quality, eyebrow-raising content. The limit to what motion graphics and animation can do is up to you. We have extensive experience working with businesses on animation projects of all sizes and budget requirements — while offering a la carte services!

The Cherry on Top

Motion graphics are a niche service, but offer a big return on investment as little design elements like these stick with consumers and help mold their opinion of a business. When needing a cherry on top for your latest marketing campaign or website asset, a multimedia animation might just be the answer.

Work Examples