Educational & Informational

Class is in session, and video is the teacher.

A Smart Consumer is Best

The best kind of consumer is an informed consumer. Educational and informational multimedia assets are critical to cultivating confidence in a business’s target audience. Today’s customers do their research and are more independent than ever. The beauty with this type of media is that they allow for another dimension of customer self-education. Enabling potential buyers to easily find and digest key information pays you back in the long run.

The More Information the Better

With this type of project, our main objective is to accurately portray the content or message — giving the viewer the opportunity to learn, formulate, and respond in their own way. Our Multimedia Department often creates these videos as packages, designed to help boost SEO rankings for websites and YouTube pages. However, educational videos offer a greater level of diverse options outside a typical FAQ or interview-style asset. Instead, our team has also created products from micro-documentaries to professional training courses that dive deep into a knowledge-base or topic.

Some educational video examples include:

  • “How-to” videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Screencast videos
  • Training videos

A Time Saving Tool

Companies of all sizes benefit from educational and informational video production. Not only do these assets help empower potential customers to make informed decisions on a product or service, but they can significantly reduce the influx of contact submissions or calls to inquire about common questions or issues. On the flip side, this video type allows for extensive internal use. Many businesses may find that high-quality training videos are an effective and time-saving tool for training or onboarding team members.

Nothing substitutes in-person interaction or communication. However, video is a close runner-up. Our team has the resources and insight to help develop effective educational and informational videos for both B2C and B2B needs — so who is ready to close their next deal?