Sep 13, 14: Internet Marketing Training Seminar & Free Website Analysis Report


Be our guest! RSVP by Friday Sept. 7th

You’re invited to attend a free Internet Marketing training designed for business executives and owners.

The main topics are an overview of Internet Marketing and then a focus on how to create the right content for your site to start (or extend) a strategy.

This is a special version of the training, and as a friend of Delta Systems Group, there is no charge for attending.

We ran this same training last year and all of the attendees praised the training saying they took something of value away from the 2-hour session.

Two sessions to choose from:

Thursday Sept. 13th at 2pm, Downtown Columbia
Friday Sept. 14th at 8am, Downtown Columbia

We may add a third session later on Friday if these fill up.


Delta would like to invite your company to a special training workshop designed to help get more out of your website and get the phone to ring. To be able to offer this service to our business clients and friends, we’ve teamed with a partner that specializes in creating articles for websites that attract clicks from people using search engines. The Martino Media Group will be flying in a specialist to lead the workshop.

At the two-hour workshop, you will receive a custom report* for your business ($250 value) designed to illustrate how your website (and your competition) is showing up online in the search engines for common keywords relevant to your industry. Among other aspects, the report will also include a complete checklist of technical characteristics customized to your website that you can hand to your website manager to enable more clicks from search engines.

During the workshop, we’ll learn about the differences and correct uses of online advertising versus creating website content in a way to get clicks from search engines (also called Search Engine Optimization). We’ll work together to create a checklist of next steps to increase the number of visits to your website. The attendee count will be limited to representatives from eight businesses, so that we can pay proper attention to each business in the room. We’ll be using examples from your industry in the workshop.

At the end of the session, you will have your own “to do” list and be capable of improving your website traffic immediately. There will be no sales pitches directed at the attendees, though we will touch on how you best to work with an outsource if you don’t have time, yourself, to carry out your “to do” plan.

As an attendee, we’ll ask that you give us feedback on the service being explained and feedback about the presentation itself.

This workshop is perfect for business owners that:
1. Spent some money on Google ads but don’t know if it was worth it.
2. Don’t feel like they have time to figure out how to get people to visit their website.
3. Have never checked how their business looks in Google Maps or Yahoo! Local.
4. Feel like they should be doing more with their website, but don’t know which way to turn.
5. Have a long list of things they think they need to do, but haven’t been able to work through the list.

This workshop includes time at the end for questions regarding any aspect of online marketing. This is your chance to get answers to your questions.

*The custom report you will receive will contain:
1. How your website (and your competition) ranks in Google for important keyword phrases.
2. Simple technical changes to your website that can improve all of your pages with Google.
3. A summary of the state of your local online yellowpage listings – critical to your online success.
4. Five keyword phrases you should be targeting right now on your website to create more visitors.

Could you email us which session you can attend?

Right now, there’s only a few seats at the training that are open. Please let us  know if you have up to three other people that could benefit from the training and we can see about getting them free vouchers, too.

Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to attend.  If you would, could you take a minute and answer the following in your reply?:

1) Name two competitors business names (and their websites):
2) Answer to, “My big question about Internet marketing is:”
3) What top thing(s) would like to learn from this discussion?

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