Notes From the Field: How a Server Rack Can Get Out of Control


Client calls and is having issues with a PC getting online. Delta Tech Guy goes through all our usual steps and nothing works. Tech figures it must be the router so he has a staff person walk him down to where their equipment is located.
Here is what he sees:
An example of how NOT to run wires on a server rack
This is a textbook example of how NOT to run wires on a server rack.
Oh, by the way, this is the FRONT.

Delta Tech Guy now begins to play the game: Where’s the Cisco router?

Turns out, the Cisco and DSL modem are hanging off the back/side of this monstrosity. They would have hit the floor, but the cable mess is just as bad in back as it is in front. Also, see that black panel to the right there? That is another rack jammed sideways so you can’t really get behind the rack unless you are a gymnast or have a pole vault handy.

Delta Tech Guy has to pull things up to the front by their cables, praying that things don’t disconnect in the process because he’ll never get that cable back in the right place. It turns out he didn’t have to worry much because they have zip ties about every inch. After what seemed like several hours of cutting cable ties Delta Tech Guy can finally arrange the Cisco router, DSL modem and 5 port switch. Now, he can actually do what he went into this room to do – reboot the router. Good times.

Does your computer network have you tied up in knots? Does your current network support company think its OK to have a squirrel’s nest in your server room?

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