Network Admin Q&A: Remote Desktop Support Cheap/Free Options?


Network Admin asked. . .

I find more and more occasions where remote support would be VERY useful to assist some of our employees at remote locations. Has Delta Systems run across a free or very low cost alternative to WebEx? Most of the sites I work with are on DSL circuits or on a state government network somewhere, thus making remote desktop access pretty well useless. Some free or inexpensive, easy to access remote support option would be very useful for me.

Delta Answered. . . is probably the best bet; it uses a TightVNC protocol and installs via a simple javascript applet. It only works on 2000, XP, Vista and 2003 though. Not any of the 95, 98, Me variants are supported and we’re not sure about 2007 at this point.

It’s VNC, so it pulls hard on the host CPU, but installs cleanly and with a minimum of fuss – and may be easier to talk an end user through it than either GoToMeeting or Microsoft Live Meeting.

There may be other/better options out there – if so, please let us know!