My First Week as a Venta Marketing Intern


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I am a senior at the University of Missouri studying Business with an emphasis in Marketing. My classes focus on marketing tools like how to research the market, design a plan, analyze competitors, and many other aspects of the business world. Even with three years of marketing classes under my belt, I know there is so much more to learn once I hit the workforce. Reading and testing about marketing is one thing, but performing the job in the real world requires more knowledge and experience than what one can learn on paper.

Last week was my first day working for Venta Marketing. I have always been very intrigued with marketing agencies and how they design different websites. It is so interesting to me that a team can create various content, each including a different voice and tone. On my first day, I jumped right into the process. My first task was to revise and edit our very own Venta Marketing website. I knew this assignment was crucial for our company. Our website is the face of what we stand for, providing a platform and example of our expertise. Our online presence is what clients use to decide if we are the perfect fit for them. Having a good first impression is very important online, as this is often the first introduction to potential clients.

I spent the week editing each page and making sure it was seamless for our upcoming launch date. I learned how to insert pictures, forms, and change layouts. I even was able to create my own written content and have it published with the launch. One of my biggest accomplishments from the first week was incorporating the Venta YouTube channel into the site and making sure it was uploaded to display each video correctly. It’s a small victory, but I am very proud of my work and that I had the ability and knowledge to embed the videos for clients to see. My team was so appreciative and encouraging. They kept telling me how impressed they were that I had the skills to add the videos.

As the year continues, I know I will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding website design and creation. I am beyond excited to work with such a helpful and passionate team. Each member brings something new and exciting which creates a wonderful environment to be in. I cannot wait to see what other opportunities and tasks this internship brings so I can continue to learn and grow in my marketing abilities.