Migrate Basecamp Classic to Teamwork, Including Writeboards


How We Completely Migrated Basecamp Writeboards into Teamwork Notebooks

Delta moved from Basecamp Classic to Teamwork using Teamwork’s Basecamp import tool. However, there was one big hole missing: You could not move the writeboards from Basecamp to Teamwork. This was a showstopper. So we invented a way to do it ourselves. And now we’re able to make it available to you.

If you need help porting Basecamp to Teamwork, including migrating Basecamp Writeboards into Teamwork Notebooks then give us a call.

Moving From Basecamp Classic to Teamwork: A Writeboard/Notebook Backstory

Delta Systems used the 37 Signals flagship product for over 8 years. It was amazing and it took our company away from email inbox silos. As our company added more and more remote workers, a centralized project management system became invaluable. But then, things started falling apart.  37 Signals moved on to a new version so now our version was called “Basecamp Classic”. So, as every day ticked by, the system became more antiquated. The new version (called Basecamp 2) was not an improvement. That was disappointing because we were huge fans.

We were not happy with many, many things in Basecamp… the latest at the time we migrated away were
1) calendaring features are anemic
2) inability to search writeboards
3) useless chat interface
4) useless time tracking
5) inability to assign To Do items to multiple people
6) task dependencies dont exist  (gantt charting impossible)
7) no resource tracking (gantt charting impossible)

So, if you go across the top of the tabs, the only thing we were happy with was Messages.  Time to move on.

how-delta-migrated-basecamp-teamworkBUT, transferring 8 years of messages and 36GB of files, spread across 1,173 projects and 573 user accounts, from Basecamp Classic to anything else seemed daunting. The only bright side was that we used Harvest to track our time, so there was no need to port any of our time information, yet. is a better system for Delta in numerous ways. All the same functionality is there from a customer/client point of view. Replying to messages, creating messages, tasks, etc are all there.  The 2017 rebuild of Teamwork just rocketed away from Basecamp in almost innumerable ways. Time tracking, Gantt charting, and so much more that we’re gonna need a separate blog post about that.

But dont take our word for it. . .

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