Eldon, MO School District Launches New Websites

Eldon, MO School District's New Website

Eldon, MO launched a new website for each school in their district this week

For our latest project, Delta Systems was asked to design and develop a comprehensive solution for managing the websites of the Eldon School District and each of its indiviual schools. The challenge was to seamlessly and comprehensively distribute the management responsibilities of the site across the schools, rather than have everything controlled at the central office.

Using the Multi-Site functionality built into WordPress 3.0 (formerly exclusive to WordPress MU), we were able to build a system that allows moderators within each individual school to update and maintain their own respective sub-sites while leaving administrators at central office the ability to oversee the entire system from a single login.

We are WordPress experts
We are WordPress Experts

Now, the district can spread out the responsibilities of content updating by school, department, and teacher, avoiding the potential of a bottleneck at the central office.

Client Quotes

“The new website looks amazing! We are getting a lot of nice comments about it.”
Colleen McGirl – Secretary to the Superintendent

“Like the banner! Like the design! Everything looks great.”
Matt Davis – Superintendent

Check out the new website at

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