Developer Gets Lakota Wireless Back Online


We have instantiated “Virtual Tuesdays” here at Delta Systems. No, we do not agree that going completely virtual is the wave of the future.  However, we do agree that gas prices are too high and that working from home (or out and about) affords some focused time to crank out some work or provide some fresh perspective.

One of our developers happened to be in Lakota this morning and sent in this report. . .

So, I went into Lakota as I normally do on Tuesday mornings and fired up my laptop to find that their Internet was offline. Then, I overhear the owner on the phone with CenturyTel exclaiming: “2 days! This is killing us! No one will stay here without Internet!”

Not wanting to abandon my favorite coffee shop, I suggested that we ask Leigh from Main Squeeze if he could piggy-back on her wireless signal for a few days. About 45 minutes and 2 DD-WRT routers later, they’re back online and I have free coffee. Sweet.

Sweet indeed.