D. Roe’s Restaurant Now Has Wireless Internet in “D. Back Room”


D. Roe’s has a back room that anyone can use for gatherings of probably up to 40 people I would guess.

We enjoy the food at D. Roe’s restaurant on the south side of Columbia, MO at the corner of Forum and Nifong.

They have a projector and a screen for presentations. Delta Systems was giving a demo of a new system to some folks and we learned that D. Roe’s didn’t have wireless Internet. They already have DSL, but not to that room and there is no wireless option – CenturyTel is cheap :-). Shame on us for not asking. There are 15 wireless access points we detected and all but one was secured (yeah, we were surprised too).

Anyhoo, the insecure one is Hoss’s Market, but the signal is too weak to keep a connection. So Steve talked with David Roe and Delta agreed to donate installation services if David would pay for the wireless access point hardware. So he agreed, and we installed it and now we can be online at our next presentation. It seemed fair since he doesn’t charge to use the back room and the capabilities now help both of us and anyone that follows us. You’re welcome, Columbia. Enjoy.