Columbia MO Chamber of Commerce Exceeds Campaign Fundraising Goal with Help of EasyTRC System


This week the Columbia Missouri Chamber of Commerce wrapped up their 2009 fundraising campaign.

With a goal of $475,000.00, the teams of volunteers were able to bring in 104% of that goal – raising $495,940.60.

During the campaign almost 100 volunteers were divided into 4 divisions and sold various products the Chamber has to offer including: new Chamber memberships, assigned membership renewals, Board of Advisor memberships, sponsorship opportunities, advertising and trades.

The 2009 campaign had 647 products for sale or trade. From this, 859 contracts were sold and approved.

Top sellers during the campaign will receive a trip to South Beach, Florida in January 2010.

The funds raised during the Total Resource Campaign are important to the Chamber because they enable the Chamber to continue to provide quality programming, networking opportunities, community and business advocacy for their city, county and state and allows them to maintain the criteria desired of a nationally recognized 5-Star Chamber of Commerce that  members have come to expect.

Last year, as the fund raising campaign deadline approached, sales were falling short of the goal by almost $25,000. This set off a barrage of phone calls and email inquiries to the Chamber staff as dozens of volunteer salespeople clamored to find out what was still available to sell.  The problem was eradicated this year with the use of the EasyTRC Total Resource Campaign Management System.

About EasyTRC

EasyTRC is total resource campaign online contract management system. We’re still working on the marketing side of things, so keep an eye on for more information in the future.

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