Beneficial Business Twitter Accounts to Follow

  1. Productivityist

This account focuses on how to make your life a little easier. It posts articles about keeping up with your work, honing in on the important tasks, how to stay motivated, and more. With key tips on balancing your life, it is perfect for anyone who tends to have a lot on their plate.


  1. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is exactly what it sounds like, tips on staying financially on track. It gives helpful advice about keeping your money in your pockets instead of spending it on unneeded products. The posts encourage saving which in turn, makes you a happier shopper when the time is right.


  1. CareerBuilder

These posts and articles are perfect for people who are in search of employment or want to climb the promotion ladder. They provide tips for a successful interview to land the job that is right for you. It shares companies who are hiring and what they are looking for in their candidates.


  1. Entrepreneur

This account is perfect for anyone who wants to stay more in tune with the business trends. It provides information about keeping your business afloat and how to become a successful business owner. Articles about gaining customers, increasing income, and social media marketing, are all important for anyone in the business world.


  1. Inc.

Inc. teaches business owners how they can stay motivated and add value in their work. It provides important strategies to have a more productive work day. They encourage self evaluation to gain more insight about what your business needs to be the most successful.


  1. HubSpot

HubSpot provides information to enhance your marketing tactics and create a more visible platform to the public. They have information about SEO, marketing, and social media engagement that is useful for bettering a company.


  1. Harvard Biz Review

HarvardBiz focuses on the important aspects in a managerial role. It hones in on the strategies of keeping happy employees that are motivated to produce positive results. It provides advice to keep employees engaged, in touch with the audience, and on track for valuable outcomes. 


  1. TED Talks

TED Talks gives better insight to improve your life at work and at home. It gives a glimpse at successful tactics to enhance motivation and results within your company. There are videos on just about any topic to keep updated with the business trends that can are happening within your industry.


  1. Bill Gates

 Bill gives great advice to keep in touch with the changing business trends. He provides book recommendations, the best apps for your success, stories about the condition of other countries, and more to keep you knowledgeable about the world we live in.



CIO posts about the benefits of having soft skills to keep those important business relationships. It provides articles to encourage the best ways to think within a company to get the most out of every interaction you have.