Avery Label Merge Chrome Plugin 4 PRO TIPS


PRO TIPS when using the Avery Label Merge Chrome Plugin

  1. For Avery 5160 stickers, the Left indent should be 0.19” otherwise the 3rd column is off the sticker 
  2. IT ONLY WORKS FOR THE FIRST 1200 ROWS! (1201 with a header row) So split your data up. 
  3. Only do 540 stickers at a time [18 pages @ 30/page] (choose ROW 2 to 541) — otherwise the Avery add-on crashes (see Chrome console for crash info). You’ll know it crashed if the spinner still goes forever but the screen says it is done and the resultant merge is blank.
    1. *Note* we were only printing 6 cells of data per sticker, so this limit may go lower if you have more cells of data. Or the limit may be higher if you have less cells of data to merge per sticker. 
  4. In your Google Sheet, if trying to print a date/time it will always show up as something like 10/10/2018 12:34:56 -0700 no matter how you format your date/time.  To get around that, create a new column called something like “Appointment Time Printable” and then take your date/time and wrap it in a TO_TEXT() function.. So the cells will have a value of something like =TO_TEXT(D2).  this will help the Avery add-on to print the date as displayed


Avery Label Merge Add-On for Google Docs

There is an official YouTube Video where we commented with many of these issues as well


Has anyone used this mail merge extension?

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