AirPlay Direct launches digital magazine: the Direct Buzz


Airplay Direct Buzz

Read the Premier Edition of the Direct Buzz featuring a cover story with Dolly Parton

Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform. We see the Direct Buzz as a “Destination” for anyone interested in

general entertainment. And, although it will be music oriented, we will be bold in our exploration of pop culture, life issues and commonly shared interests.

Most of all, we want to help and encourage those creative individuals who are striving to succeed in a changing world.

We already have plans to introduce columns that will provide advice for those who may need help with their writing, recording or producing. Other sections will address the various needs of artists, reps and industry professionals, with videos supplying a large part of our message.

We will always be a “work in progress,” because that’s life and, most certainly, it’s life in the field of entertainment. It’s a tough gig, but not an impossible one. And we think you’ll enjoy watching us grow. As the Direct Buzz evolves, it will become more interactive with every issue. In fact, we’ll be encouraging our readers to contribute content.

For members of AirPlay Direct, the Direct Buzz will not only add value to their membership services, it will also give them the opportunity to let the world know about their art.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions and thoughts. So, feel free to contact us at any time.

Robert Weingartz

Publisher & Founder, Direct Buzz

CEO, AirPlay Direct

Bernard Baur

Managing Editor, Direct Buzz

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