The Top 10 Best ADA Compliance Website Checkers


Quality ADA Compliance promotes equitable access for all users.

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The increasing complexity of ADA standards requires sites to take on novel methods of compliance enforcement. Of these, one of the most popular and effective methods is an ADA compliance website checker.

This guide will delve into the various checkers and other methods of maintaining compliance and further expand on the necessity of top-tier ADA compliance.

The Value of Excellent ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act, first established in 1990, has undergone consistent changes as amendments are made, and litigations establish new standards. However, what remains the same is the core goals of the Act. That is to enforce equality, accessibility, and public accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Top ADA compliance allows people with disabilities access the same information and services. It is, above all else, an opportunity to avoid an accessibility lawsuit and open up your online business to all users. Excellent ADA compliance has the following benefits:

  • Increase usability of website
  • Possibly uptick SEO
  • Allow broader user access
  • Increase site traffic
  • Prove dedication to ADA compliance and avoid litigation
  • Promote equality

Methods of Maintaining Compliance

While this article focuses on ADA compliance website checkers – there are a few other popular methods for maintaining compliance.


An ADA compliance audit can function in many different ways, such as reviewing the website page by page, using updated ADA requirements, or reviewing user feedback and addressing problem areas. Mostly, an audit is a great chance to review the site for mistakes and maintain a record of compliance efforts.

Usually, it’s recommended to complete an audit every few months. Additionally, you’ll need to complete an audit after any major website update. Please note that an audit is usually best completed by an ADA expert.


It’s no surprise that the rules and accessibility requirements surrounding ADA compliance are often technically complex. The larger the site – the more complicated it is to reach ADA compliance, but even small sites can be riddled with hidden non-compliant features.

Experts like the ones at Elevato leverage their years of experience to methodically audit sites. They will catch and label violations ranging from missing alt tags to mislabeled headings – combing every page and leaving a record of all findings.


A website compliance ‘checker’ comes in many forms. Primarily, they are outside software designed to evaluate site(s) based on specific facets of ADA compliance. Some of this software is free, and some are quite pricey. None are sufficient on their own to maintain full compliance. However, accessibility checks  can be useful tools in their own right.

10 Best ADA Compliance Website Checkers

The following list highlights some of the best and most popular website compliance checkers for digital content available now.

1. Accessibility Checker

This is an informational checker which scans a website, identifies accessibility issues, and provides instructions on fixing them. All you have to do is type in the URL and receive a free check. Accessibility Checker does not automatically fix violations, but it does provide some information on how to conform with accessibility policies.

Price: Free

2. accessiBe

accessiBe offers one free audit, and the software is aimed to allow users with disabilities to adjust a site’s user interface and adapt it to fit their needs. Additionally, the website utilizes an AI-based application that runs in the background and optimizes its accessibility level constantly.

Price: Free Audit, $490+/yr

3. IBM Accessibility Toolkit

Check for violations page by page with the IBM Accessibility Toolkit in multiple stages of the website development process. This checker can especially point out where assistive technology is incompatible with the site. Please note that this checker is not novice-friendly and can offer some complex advice. 

Price: Free

4. Achecks

This checker provides reports based specifically on the WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Achecks is incredibly user-friendly, and while it isn’t entirely comprehensive, it remains a great checker to include in your auditing system.

Price: 99+/month

5. Pa11y

Pa11y is a useful ADA compliance website checker as it automatically tests and monitors sites for accessibility issues every day. The software is generally user-friendly though there are more in-depth options for use. It can track improvements over time, making it a valuable asset for proving ADA compliance efforts.

Price: Free

6. Aditus Button Contrast Checker

This checker is relatively simple and has one main function – to check link and button accessibility. It’s simple, easy to use, and the manual testing performs its stated function well. After all, a large source of violations comes from ‘minor fixes’ like a faulty button.

Price: Free


The Wave Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) is a great testing tool for accessibility maintenance and manual audits. It’s used by experts at Elevato before and after audits to determine levels of accessibility. WAVE is a simple tool with powerful, positive results.

Price: Free

8. A11y

This checker is like the Aditus Button Contrast Checker in that it has a very specific goal. A11y identifies color combinations that violate accessibility laws. Simply type in your URL and receive a color contrast audit. This ensures the background color is acceptable for those with visual impairments. 

Price: Free

9. UBKAccessibilityKit

This unique checker is specifically designed for iOS developers to audit application code. It will audit based on standard and common violations. Note that this checker is technologically advanced and is not easy for non-developers to use effectively.

Price: Free

10. TAW

A large minority of sites in the United States are geared toward Spanish speakers. These sites are held to the same ADA standards as any other site. An ADA compliance website checker like TAW provides accessibility compliance audits for Spanish and Portuguese using sites. Additionally, TAW is designed for non-developers to utilize.

Price: Free + Fee-Based Training Options

Top ADA Compliance With Elevato

Reaching ADA compliance is an all-hands-on-deck task. Partner with the best compliance experts to maintain a user-friendly, accessible website. Here at Elevato, we strive to do the following in our audits:

  • General Site Improvements
  • Increase Site Performance
  • Reduce Redundancy
  • Implement Management Improvements
  • Uptick in Site SEO

Top-tier compliance is a holistic, technologically advanced process that requires expert knowledge and a passion for accessibility.

Ready to Make Your Website ADA Compliant?

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