How to Start Writing Content for Your Website


How to Start Writing Content for Your Website

Shrimp are some of the smallest aquatic creatures that are sought after in the fishing industry, and the method to “shrimping” is similar to how you can start writing content for your website.

Just hear me out.

Shrimp boats (your website) pass through vast ocean waters (the internet) with large open nets aiming to collect thousands of pounds of the highly prized crustaceans (potential leads).

So how do these fishermen locate and collect these hand-sized creatures in such a large arena like the ocean? They use targeted navigation and cast wide nets in these hotbeds for shrimp.

To start writing content for your website you need to cast a wide net, based on the coordinates your fishfinder is suggesting.

Search Engine Optimization Will Guide Your Content Strategy

What’s the value of writing content if it doesn’t get seen? Technically it’s a negative value. You’ve just lost time producing the piece and most likely some money too.

Content to a website MUST be relevant to the audience you are seeking to attract. What type of keywords and phrases are people searching that intertwines with your business? For example, let’s say you own a national dry cleaning business like Classic Cleaners.

You need to know what potential customers are organically seeking out through various search engines like Google and Bing. So let’s say that someone just finished eating a hot pastrami sandwich and they dripped spicy mustard on their shirt. After their initial exasperation of frustration, they will most likely grab their phone and Google, “how to remove a mustard stain?”

Ranking Long Tail Keywords with Content

See the example above of a blog post by Classic Cleaners to attract clients

This may be a relevant key phrase to your business. Now is when having the proper web content comes into play. Based on this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research, you should start writing a blog post for your website titled something like, “How to Remove a Mustard Stain in 3 Simple Steps.”

With the right inclusion of keywords and domain authority, your article climbs to near the top of the results page for Google. Mr. Mustard Stain scans your article and decides he doesn’t have either the time or patience to remove the fabric blemish himself and decides to call your store location.  

Welcome, new customer.

In conclusion, before step one, step zero to content writing is having SEO keyword research done to help you decide where to cast your net to potential new clients.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

How to write website copy isn’t an exact science, and it definitely isn’t easy. However, developing quality content that is successful using follows most of these general rules.

1. Know Your Audience

Well crafted content is great, but if it doesn’t resonate with your targeted audience then it really isn’t great content is it?

Example: Your name is Mike “The Muscle” Jones. You run a motorcycle repair shop that specializes in vintage Indian Motorcycles. The content you write for your website will need to share the same voice and tone of the biker community. You probably won’t use words that are found in the National Spelling Bee to describe the issues with the 1950 model.

2.  Important Information First

Journalism has this rule where the most important information is found in the first paragraph of the article. Nothing upsets a reader more than a buried lead.

Example: You have an article on your site titled, “The Benefits of Switching Your Dog from Dry to Wet Food.” You’re probably going to lose the reader to another page if the benefits are not within one quick scroll. Put the benefits near the top, and follow the article with the supporting material that expands upon the key points.

3. Short and Sweet

We live in the digital age, and “digital talk” is short.


Even choppy at times.

Channel your inner Ernest Hemingway, and keep your paragraphs brief, and your sentences even shorter. In addition, don’t be afraid to use line breaks and white space to generate a cleaner and easier to follow format for your readers.

4. Develop Interactive Subcontent

Today, a page only full of black text is viewed as living within the Tertiary Period. Obviously, writing is the most important part of a blog, but, lacking supporting content such as related images and videos is a misstep.

These extras strengthen your written content and provide a more dynamic consuming experience for your readers.

So be sure to add that Bob Saget meme.

Including Memes in Your Content

Memes, photos, videos and more can add extra value to your blog posts.

Beyond memes or gifs, you can also think of adding the following to your website content for a more engaging user experience:

  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • Screenshots
  • User Guides
  • Photos

5. Always Include a Call To Action

The point of writing content for your website is to bring in more leads, and consumers need to be reminded that you are offering a good or service that will benefit them. Don’t bombard them 1000 “salesy” pop-ups, but including multiple calls to action in your writing and within your design can yield to increases in lead flow.

Landscaping Call to Action Example

See the above example from one of our landscaping clients

6. Don’t Be a Copycat

This relates to knowing your audience, but consumers are inundated with options from all industries for every type of product or service. Thus, carving out the voice for your business is vital.

You must be true to yourself, your values, and your goals.

Don’t try to intimidate the voice of others. Dedicate yourself to one voice, and stick with it. You’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

Duplicate Content Can Effect Your Site Negatively

Duplicate content can be viewed negatively by search engines for your online presence

7. Love the Pain of Writing

To start writing content for your website you are going to write, edit, and repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat.

Creating that perfect piece of content is not going to be a one and done process. Stap on your seatbelt, look over your checklist and start drafting the content for your website.

Here’s our call to action (step five):

Skip The Pain of Writing Content for Your Website and Have Someone do it For You

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