Top 3 Most Effective A/B Testing Techniques for Landing Pages


Landing pages are the backbone of digital marketing. These one-page creations are responsible for most businesses’ sales conversions. The importance of a good landing page cannot be overstated — they turn visitors into customers. 


Before we jump into the three most effective A/B testing techniques, let’s discuss what constitutes a “well-made landing page.” The most obvious starting point is the headline. It is estimated that 80 percent of consumers won’t get past the headline, therefore, making this section of a landing page the most important. A good headline is both clear and enticing. It is not long in length, and it should make use of strong verbs. 


As we enter a new decade, landing pages are looking to become more interactive for the user, therefore, images and videos often are found on more and more landing pages. While it is true, that these elements can increase the probability that a visitor becomes a lead, it also can drain conversion rates. Poor imagery and videos can harm a businesses’ messaging, and/or bad design use of these elements can result in high bounce rates. Therefore, a well-made landing page is conscious of the true effectiveness of images and video use for their intended purpose. 


The submission form collects the prized information you are after. To increase your chances that visitors fill out this form, it needs to be above the page fold and ask for as little as information as possible. Visitors are less likely to submit their information as more is required. If a name and email address will suffice, don’t probe for more. 


Finally, to conclude what a well-made landing page consists of — attractive and easy to follow design must be a focal point. While design is often subjective, a landing page should be minimalist. Don’t overwhelm page visitors with too much information, or disjointed elements. In addition, limit the ability for visitors to navigate outside your page. 


A/B testing is all about making data-driven decisions, here are three techniques to help in your quest of finding the best version of your landing page. 

Tip #1 – Is Your USP Good Enough? 

Unique selling proposition (USP) is the overlapping of ‘what consumers want and what you do well.’ This or these key points denote why your business is the right solution for the consumer compared to competitors in the same market. This is the main bullet point a landing page tries to explain to the page visitor. 


It goes without saying, but is the messaging surrounding your USP working? 


Is it clear?




You need to tinker and tweak in order to find the right words that make sure your USP jumps off the page.

Tip #2 – Test Duration 

A/B testing seems straightforward in concept can quickly become convoluted and misguided in results. One of the main reasons bad decisions are made is because of bad information. In A/B testing, the pages you are comparing need a fair sample size or period of time. Outliers and shortchanged results come into play when testing lacks a reliable sample size and/or is ended prematurely. 


Convert is a free tool that helps you estimate the right sample size and/or testing duration that will yield results you can trust. 

Tip #3 – You Need to Develop a Hypothesis 

You don’t take an organic chemistry exam without preparing beforehand. Yet, so many A/B tests are conducted without the necessary preparation. To ensure that your A/B testing is effective it is important to start with brainstorming and to-date analysis of prior landing page performance. 


Set out to answer these questions first: 


Why are you testing? 

What’s your proposed solution? (elements you are seeking to test)

What’s your assumption of how the solution would change user behavior?  

What result expected do you expect?  


By developing a hypothesis from the outset, you are setting yourself to succeed. Now the information you capture is easier to make inferences and decisions upon. A/B testing is a calculated science, not a couple of shots in the dark. 

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