Blog goes live – Delta Designed/Delta Hosted


Pulled from an all text AOL-based webpage, now sports more relevant graphics and visually pleasing layout while still preserving the original intent and organization of the content.

Delta Systems also added Google Analytics to the site so the client could see detailed information as to site visitation.

Delta is using this website as an example of a website that was created from a single graphic, with an overlaid click map. This used to be the accepted standard for websites and many marketing companies still find this acceptable. We do not. Ideally, sites should not be built like this since 1) Google and other search engines don’t like it, 2) it doesn’t work on a (non-iPhone) mobile phone, and 3) it will not work with a screen reader or a computer that doesn’t have a mouse.

Is your company frustrated by the need to update even small things on websites, but don’t know how to update it or have the time to do the update? Give Delta Systems a call. For small stuff, Delta charges by the minute. We update dozens of websites daily and quickly.

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