The #1 Thing to Know Before Launching Your Email Campaign


Email marketing may not be the sexiest advertising method, but it is tried and true. While new trends like influencer marketing and programmatic ad buying are exciting and buzz-worthy, classic email marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective forms of connecting consumers and businesses. It has been reported that for every $1 spent on email marketing, it returns $38! It’s difficult to argue with a good ROI. Plain and simple, email marketing works — when done right…

So what’s the science behind email marketing that makes it a productive means to advertising?

  1. High Usage – There are an estimated 5.5 billion active email accounts in the world. Email is a means of communication and alerts for both businesses and individuals. With such a large pool of users, it makes for an easy (and low budget) way to connect directly with large groups of people. Additionally, email is becoming a preferred means of communication, especially among younger generations.
  2. Keeping Attention – Believe it or not, but 99 percent of consumers check their email every day. Having access to an inbox that sees regular attention is helpful in staying in front of past and future customers. Roughly 80 percent of businesses see email marketing as a good way of retaining customers within their buying atmosphere.
  3. Delivering Content – In 2020, content is king. In all forms: written, video, digital graphics, etc., people respond to it. Email marketing is a simple and quick way of exposing your promotional/educational content to targeted audiences.

Know This Before Launching Your Campaign

Consumers are living on mobile devices, and therefore, a lot of email activity happens via a smartphone or tablet. With this being the case, it is imperative for businesses to know that their email template is viewable and functional across various platforms.

“The #1 thing to know before launching your email campaign is knowing that your email template is responsive across multiple devices. There’s nothing worse than getting an email and it fails to work with different mobile devices.”
Holly Ozanne, Venta Marketing Director of Public Relations & Link Building

So TEST, TEST, TEST. Always send test emails before sending it to your audience. Check all elements of the email, making sure they load and act properly on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

In addition, a close runner up to keep in mind before launching an email campaign includes having a clear and direct deployment strategy for your target audience(s). Even as effective as email marketing is, one sure-fire way to runoff potential consumers is having a “BUY, BUY, BUY” strategy. Email campaigns need to follow a waterfall progression — with individual stages for: awareness, education, value offers, conversion. (Successful) email marketing is meant to be nurturing for potential consumers — think the opposite of car sales tactics.

Email Campaign Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Check for broken, incorrect, or lack of links
  • Triple check for typos
  • Make sure the right email list is selected
  • Make sure backend workflows are set up properly (CRM integration)
  • Add recipient’s first name to the subject line
  • Don’t get overly caught up in open rates
  • Avoid “salesy” terminology
  • Highlight benefits and differentiators
  • Segment your audience into smaller groups

Need Help With Your Email Campaigns?

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