Programmatic Advertising

Ads that can be anything, do anything, and be anywhere.

The Cool New Toy

Programmatic advertising is the new kid on the block. This advertising tool provides businesses with an excellent way to increase brand awareness and get their name out in front. It has statistically been shown that it takes roughly seven times before a consumer will recognize your brand or remember your message. Programmatic ads have quickly become one of the most effective and efficient methods to introducing your brand to the world. 

What also makes programmatic advertising so attractive are the tracking capabilities — which in turn make it a cost-saving marketing tool. This ad strategy allows for highly customizable and controllable targeting, unlike any other advertising form. With precise filtering options, businesses can strictly narrow down the demographics, behaviors, and interests of their ideal consumer — making it a great way to reach niche audiences.

Variety is the Spice of Marketing

Programmatic ads can be served on nearly any medium, giving businesses extreme choice for their desired visibility. Want to run ads on Hulu or another video platform? No problem. Looking to land your branded advertisements on high-traffic sites like The New York Times? Consider it done. In addition, due to the intense filtering, ads are only displayed to audience members that meet the necessary criteria. This translates to you only paying for ads that get shown to your exact target audience — good deal, right? 

The power of programmatic ads enables them to be used in a variety of ways to meet goals and push forward business success. From commercials to supplemental re-targeting for social media ads, programmatic is a paid media tactic that should be explored by every business — because positive impressions matter in this era of ad density.