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Knowing How To Buy

PPC advertising is alive and well within the media buying world. PPC ads are a straightforward way toward being the first link consumers see when they search a keyword or phrase. When a keyword has considerable search volume behind it, PPC ads can help drive relevant traffic to your site and landing pages. 

Search engines understand the value and priority PPC ads provide and therefore put in place multiple factors that determine which ads place in these high-ranking link positions. This calls for media buying teams to remain on the cutting edge within the environment, and keep an active pulse on their accounts. Too many agencies have a “set it and forget it” philosophy with PPC advertising — but this only leads to high bidding and infrequent lead generation.

Results-Focused Ad Buying

Our team works within our accounts daily, checking for price fluctuations and algorithm changes that could help better optimize the campaign. With a holistic approach, we take into account factors such as quality scores and ad relevance in order to make definitive decisions on ways to increase campaign success. 

Through our single keyword ad group strategy, we are able to better itemize and build out ads that target on a micro-level — providing an exact match for ad with user intent, meaning your leads are actually looking for your exact service or good. Our extensive tracking and reporting give you ultimate transparency into how your dollars are working for you.

Work Examples