Filling sentences with the right words in the right places.

Don't Underestimate Words

Words matter — they matter to people and they matter to search engines. The importance of copywriting can be taken for granted… after all, everyone can write, right? Well no. Just think about some of the websites and ads you’ve come across — their wording could have been more clear, simple, enticing, etc. 


Copywriting is the art of crafting motivating and engaging content for service pages, landing pages, home pages, and any other page a website might feature (outside of a blog). Good copywriting catches the reader’s attention and leaves them with a straightforward answer. Easy readability (for the target audience) should be the first goal of a copywriter — because when words flow smoothly, people are more likely to hear what you have to say.

A Good Writer is a Good listener

We are dedicated to listening to client outcomes and turning that into authentic copy for their digital needs. Here at Elevato, our content team lives and breathes sentence structure and proper grammar. Of course, this process isn’t done without extensive SEO research and internal collaboration. SEO copywriting is the blending of creativity and technical analysis — yielding optimized copy that elevates pages through the search engine algorithms. Good copywriting can be the difference between results page one or results page 17… It’s time to invest in the right wordsmiths.