3 of the Best SEO Services for Growing Your Business


Best SEO Services Growing Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) services can take a small business and transform them into an online, conversion-focused powerhouse. If you want your business to be a force nature in your industry, then you definitely need to address your online presence through SEO. The most successful businesses are constantly improving their online presence through SEO to ensure that their website(s) are situated in the highest search results possible.

To help small businesses rank higher on Google and other search engines good digital marketing agencies must perform top-notch keywords research, optimization, and management based on industry best practices. They should also tailor their SEO plan to goals of a small business as well so they can increase overall online ranking and search visibility for their website.

We compared our most popular and successful SEO services and recommend the following to small businesses looking to elevate their digital presence.

Competitor Research for SEO Growing Business

Audit Your Online Presence

The first thing your digital marketing agency should do is audit your website and examine your most successful competitors. You can’t move forward and grow your small business if you are holding yourself back with poor SEO practices and you’ll never beat the competition unless you know exactly what they’re doing.

Venta Marketing offers a variety of SEO services but our most important offering is our 8 Pillar Audit. This 8 part audit is the very first step in our full-court press of SEO strategy. Auditing your online presence will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly and this helps our digital marketers know exactly how to help your website.

Our research, analysis and strategic thinking helps small businesses realize where they are falling short and identify how they can improve their SEO.

With the Venta’s 8 Pillars of SEO, every business can receive the benefits of an analysis report that includes keyword audits, competitor analysis, on-page tag measurements, and more. In addition to our findings, you will receive the professional guidance of our SEO experts and they will help guide your website to optimization excellence.

Leverage Social Media SEO Services

Leverage Your Social Media

Are you spending too little, too much, or no time at all to dedicating resources to promoting your content on social media in hopes of boosting your search engine rankings? If the answer is yes then you should DEFINITELY hire an agency to perform this service on your behalf.

Although Google has stated that likes, shares, and content on social media does not have a direct correlation to SEO performance, we disagree because they aren’t the only players in the game. Unlike Google, Bing does take social media activity into account and it’s important to have your social media optimized and frequently refreshed with content. Despite Google’s statements, social media can amplify your audience’ awareness level everywhere and all content sharing is good for your online presence. Marketing agencies can improve a business’s SEO through social media by managing your profiles and creating a steady stream of organic content to attract leads to your website.

Venta Marketing offers social media services with an industry-specific twist and we have found proven success in a variety of industries. Having a niche focus for our social media strategies have improved SEO for small businesses in industries that range from food and beverage, entertainment, retail, e-commerce, and more.

First, we’ll make sure that your information, branding, and messaging is consistent across every social media channel then we’ll make sure that everything links back to your preferred call to action. These relevant links will help your audience explore your services and fall into your lead generation funnel. Once your profiles are ready to go we’ll start creating and regularly sharing posts that contain relevant keywords, photos, and authentic content. Sticking to a regular posting schedule is essential for making sure your content is deployed correctly and we use the best tools to manage your content calendar.

Growing Business Content Writing

Keep It Fresh & Up To Date

As your small business grows your website will too! You will probably add new services, products, or employees to your company which means you’re going to need more website content and webpages. In order to rank on the first two pages of results, you want to make sure that you’re using the most relevant keywords so you can surpass the competition. As time goes on refresh your content with new keywords so Google keeps your content top of mind.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the pages of content that you need, hire a marketing agency with a dedicated content strategist and a great understanding of SEO. By taking this task off your plate and putting it in the hands of your agency you can free up your schedule and help them create more authentic content.

At Venta, we create new webpages with keyword focused content in addition to posting two to three times a week for our clients on social media with a variety of post types. Videos, interviews, contests, cinemagraphs, blogs, and more! The possibilities for content are endless with our team and we’re constantly brainstorming new ways of making eye-catching content for small businesses.