Delta Helps Make 2nd Annual Boone Dawdle a Success

Read more about the 2011 Boone Dawdle in the Columbia Daily Tribune
Read more about the 2011 Boone Dawdle in the Columbia Daily Tribune

Delta Systems was proud to sponsor the 2011 Boone Dawdle. Once again, our contribution was the creation and management of the online ticket purchasing and reporting system.

This is one in a series of efforts that Delta Systems has committed to the Columbia, MO born True/False film festival.


A Short History of the Dawdle

Delta Sponsors the 2011 Boone Dawdle

In the summer of 2010, True/False decided to create a new event to accompany their annual film festival. On August 21st, 2010 the First Annual Boone Dawdle took place, consisting of a bike ride from Columbia to Rocheport, followed by a local food picnic hosted by Les Bourgeois vineyards, and a screening of documentary film “Best Worst Movie” accompanied by its director and star.

Paul Sturtz and David Wilson have graciously allowed Delta Systems to work on the technical stuff with some of their amazing volunteers.

To manage the first ever Dawdle successfully, True/False asked Delta to create a ticket purchasing and reporting system. The system allowed multiple passes to be purchased at once, handled payment processing seamlessly, empowered the festival staff to manage content, and provided powerful reports to help staff manage the logistics of the event.

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