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When people search for companies, products, restaurants, or brands on Google, they may see information appear in a box to the right of their search results. The information in the box, called the Knowledge Panel, can help customers discover and connect to get more information.

Put Your Restaurant Menu Into Google

In our continuing effort to help Google love your website, we’re suggesting the addition of structured Microdata.  What does that mean?  It means we add some code to the website that is invisible to the visitor, but VERY visible to search engines and social media to help their robots understand what is on the website.
Shakespeares Pizza Menu Knowledge Panel Example
Shakespeares Pizza Menu Knowledge Panel Example

For example, here is the menu for Shakespeare’s Pizza

The nice part is that it only has to be done once (if done correctly); Once the code is in place, the data should change automatically as the restaurant’s menu changes. Once the restaurant menu microdata has been added, it is automatically picked up by Google and Bing as well as social and review sites like Zomato.
In 2017, Google added menu tabs to local panel listings in the search results for some restaurants. Google began adding menus as far back as 2014.

How Does the Restaurant Setup Work?

Many articles exist on Restaurant Menu Markup that also include step-by-step guides on how to correctly add a restaurant and food and drink menus to Google through the use of microdata and markup.  If that is too complicated, Delta is here to help. The best way to add restaurant menu to search results & knowledge panel is by using mark up. This method ensures that the website design does not negatively influence the search results. also has specific fields for name, description, price, etc. Google’s algorithm won’t have to guess when it comes by to index the restaurant menu into the search results.

Get Restaurant Menu Into Mobile Listing

A bonus of setting this data up correctly is that systems can use it anywhere without you having to reformat it. This is yet another benefit of having a correct information architecture. Here we can see that the same data that was displayed in a panel on a desktop (in the above picture) has been included in a different way on the mobile knowledge panel for the restaurant.

Example of restaurant menu included in knowledge panel using
Example of restaurant menu included in knowledge panel using

Does this look too complicated?

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Restaurant owners can now add menu listings in Google My Business

In February 2018, Google My Business announced that menus are now editable via Google My Business – a new feature that will make many restaurant owners happy.

Restaurant owners who manage their own Google My Business (GMB) listings can now access this new editor online to create and edit the menus that may display in their listings in Google mobile search results.

The editor is available in the Info tab in the Google My Business dashboard. This is also where owners were previously just able to edit links to their menus. With this editor, restaurant owners and restaurant local search managers can add and edit menu item titles, descriptions and prices. Menus sections can also be added for things like appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more.

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If you’re looking to open a new restaurant and plan to run a crowdfunding campaign that supports referrals, ask us how Delta can help.

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