3 Content Writing Tools for SEO


Marketing experts widely consider content creation to be the most effective SEO tactic. Content creation leads to over 400 percent more indexed pages than pages without updated content. However, content boils down to how useful the writing is to the reader — does it answer their query? 

Content writing is a part of nearly every type of content creation. Therefore, there is a dilution in the quality of writing that exists across the internet. Due to this, SEO content needs to rise above mediocrity and stand out. Content writers must produce content that provides in-depth information, a personal tone of voice, and an engaging narrative. 

To create successful content, you need to have spot-on keyword research — zeroing in on the right phase that internet users are using helps increase traffic flow. Next, the content you produce needs to be error-free. No misspellings, no improper grammar usage, no awkward wording, etc. Finally, to help elevate and supplement your writing, you’re going to want to use a design tool to help highlight the key elements of your blog or service page.

Here are three content writing tools that can help improve the quality of your writing and as a result, boost your SEO rankings. 

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a look into the minds of everyday internet users, and what questions they are asking with specific keywords. This online tool helps content creators understand what popular phrases are being used and what could be some useful topics for content generation. This program gives you your root keyword or phrase and then branches off into subcategories with numerous individual questions with that keyword. Coming up with your next popular blog topic won’t be a problem. 


Grammarly is a free writing tool that acts as your personal editor. The free version helps identify misspelled words, comma splices, incorrect word usage, and more. This tool also helps suggest more effective word choices in specific instances. Grammarly is a tool that all writers should be using, as it helps ensure your copy is clean, crisp, and correct. A service page or blog with a bunch of errors isn’t going to win over any fans, and sure isn’t going to help your bounce rate. 


While Canva isn’t a writing tool, it does help content writers. SEO takes into account on-page creatives like images, infographics, etc. Also, search engines prioritize the user experience and rank pages partly based on how useful page visitors view the content. Therefore, creating content that is not only high quality in terms of the writing, but also in the supplemental visual aids. Canva is a free online design tool that enables even beginning designers to quickly create attractive and appealing visual aids. Incorporating this type of content into your blogs and service pages will help increase the user experience, and most likely your page ranking.