Weekly Roundup: Top Digital Marketing News, Tips & Tricks 12/14 – 12/18


Welcome to our weekly roundup of noteworthy digital marketing insights, tips and trends from last week. Staying on top of the latest digital marketing tactics can be a long and strenuous journey. It doesn’t have to be. #TeamVenta will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and advice.

1. Pinterest To Open Promoted Pins For All US Businesses

By: Martin Beck
Pinterest News

Going forward in 2016, Pinterest is going to become increasingly utilized in Paid Social Campaigns. With the users being around 60% women, and the average income level being in the higher bracket, companies will be able to more specifically target their audience. Pinterest has shown data that in 2015, its paid ad campaigns had a higher conversion rate than Facebook and Twitter, and with a really nice image and engaging call to action text, businesses could heavily benefit on adding this media to their campaign.

2. Indexing HTTPS pages by default

By: Google Webmaster Central Blog
Google HTTPS

Google has been providing websites with HTTPS a slight bump in rankings for the past year, and now they are even taking it one step further. Now they will look to crawl and index the HTTPS equivalent on any HTTP page. If you are considering implementing HTTPS for SEO, be sure to check out the protocol check list in this article from the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

3. There is something extraordinary happening in the world

By: Gustavo Tanaka
Map pic

This article points out how work cultures are starting to change and what they might look like in the future. Tanaka points out that we are finally starting to realize the power of the internet and how we can use it to our benefit us in the workplace. He also points out some key issues in a lot of work environments today, and how companies are starting to realize that great work doesn’t come from working in the same place everyday. The internet is starting to allow many of us to work flexible schedules in different locations and the results are promising. Companies are starting to see better quality work when employees are happy and aren’t confined to a desk. Creativity can be difficult when constrained to the small space you sit at every day.

4. 2016 Search Predictions from Leading Industry Experts

By: Tara Johnson
2016 Search Predictions

There are a few theories about 2016 Search Predictions in this article but the constant throughout is that mobile, shopping and smarter search advertising is what we should be thinking about. We’ve been pushing all our campaigns to focus heavier on shopping and mobile the recent months, and we are hoping to really see some improvements in performance and strategy throughout 2016.

5. Why Content Strategy Isn’t Enough

By: Mackenzie Fogelson
Content Strategy Isn't Enough

This article highlights some great points about the great distance many companies have from their customers, even today when technological advances have made our world faster, smaller and more connected. Fogelson says for 2016, we as marketers need to be intentional about building purposeful brands and providing our customers with a seamless, authentic experience.
In the past, many companies have focused on quantity over quality – that shooting out more and more content is best for your “content strategy.” Fogelson notes that high volume isn’t necessarily the best strategy, and that there has to be meaning beyond money when it comes to your marketing strategy.

This article also includes a simple framework that can help you clearly communicate your positioning and purpose to your audience. Once you decide what you stand for as a company, you can form a better connection with the people in your community and provide a more authentic experience through the content that supports your positioning. At the end of the day, people will begin to drive your company rather than relying on technology.

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