Using Adobe Contribute with ESET NOD32

Adobe Contribute CS5
Adobe Contribute CS5

We have a client that uses Adobe Contribute to edit their website.  Since they are also a support client of ours and our current preference for Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware is ESET NOD32, she had that installed on her machine as well.  As it happens, there is an, as yet, undocumented issue in that ESET NOD32 blocks SFTP traffic from Contribute.

ESET NOD32 blocks SFTP traffic from Adobe Contribute

To resolve the issue and allow secure FTP communication:

  1. Open ESET NOD32
  2. Click “Entire Advanced Setup Tree”
  3. Navigate to “Web Access Protection” -> “Web Browsers”
  4. In the list of apps, locate any checkboxes for the Contribute.exe
  5. Uncheck the box(es)
  6. Retry the connection in Contribute

More information can be found in the Adobe User Forums, specifically Contribute CS5 won’t connect to SFTP