Tracking System Shows Food Pantry Need Skyrocketing


For the past 5 years, the Central Missouri Food Bank-Pantry has been using a client intake tracking system, custom built by Delta Systems Group, to accurately record how much food was distributed to how many households in Central Missouri. Recently, the Columbia Daily Tribune ran a story showing that the food pantry is busier than ever. Statistics generated by this client tracking system were featured prominently in the story.

Previously using a “home built” system with arcane abbreviations, a confusing interface, and requiring the data to be purged every January, the Food-Pantry needed a better solution.

Working closely with the pantry’s intake volunteers, Delta Systems was able to create a system that requires little to no training in order to use correctly. The client intake system also provides detailed reporting and statistics on multiple years of data useful for city, county, and federal reporting needs. Oh, and the press too. 🙂

Delta Systems Group has been helping the Central Missouri Food Bank for over a decade. In 2006 alone, Delta donated over $25,000 of services to the Central Missouri Food Bank.