Total Resource Campaign Tracking System Now Available


The latest version of EasyTRC has been launched to rave reviews by current users. Dozens of user-requested features were added to the 100% online system.

EasyTRC is a comprehensive Total Resource Campaign Management System
EasyTRC is a comprehensive Total Resource Campaign Management System

A new marketing website also went live to better showcase the rich feature set. See

EasyTRC is now the most comprehensive Total Resource Campaign management system in the world.

New features in this version include:

  1. Fully multi-campaign aware: see contracts from this campaign as well as totals and links to previous campaign contracts
  2. Contract Renewals take 2 clicks.
  3. See what every company bought during the last campaign as well as what is pending and purchased in the current campaign
  4. See what every salesperson sold during the last campaign as well as what they have pending and sold in the current campaign
  5. See what every buyer bought during the last campaign as well as what they have pending and purchased in the current campaign
  6. Detailed campaign calendar added
  7. Campaign Events can now easily be added to your Outlook Calendar with a single click
  8. Weekly Campaign Leaderboard is included to show top salesperson, team, and division. Also shows campaign-to-date totals as well as progress towards sales goals.
  9. Dramatic reporting improvements – increased filtering and sorting capabilities; export to Excel.
  10. Added the concept of “Campaign Weeks” so you can now specifically know in which week a sale should be credited. And the system can now accurately report sales by week.
  11. System is now campaign renewal black out period aware. Unless you were the primary salesperson last year, you can’t sell it this year until the campaign blackout period ends.
  12. Ability to change the sold date on a contract so you can ensure it goes in the sales week desired.
  13. Incentive Reward level improvements – cash and trade incentives can be tracked
  14. Ability to split a sale between salespeople on the same team or different teams but still retain right of first renewal by the primary salesperson next year.
  15. Ability to assign a different representative to each product/sponsorship opportunity. If Linda is in charge of the room sponsorship and all trade opportunities and Judy is in charge of all the cash opportunities, you can now assign them as such.

EasyTRC is a total contract manager

Even if your Chamber of Commerce does not participate in a total resource campaign, your organization still sells sponsorships, memberships, ads, and more. And all those ads and sponsorships and memberships require contracts. . . Hundreds of contracts. Are you buried in a pile of faxes? Tired of manually keeping track of sales in an Excel spreadsheet? Had an intern build something in Access that kinda helps? Tired of trying to keep track of emails to check on the status of a contract?

What can help manage all that? EasyTRC is total contract management.

Give us 20 minutes for a demo and we’ll show how you’ll save hours of time, decrease paperwork, and increase contract organization.

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