TimeKitJS Receives Honorable Mention at Columbia Startup Weekend 2013


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A team consisting of several Delta Systems and Veterans United developers took 4th place at the 2013 Columbia Startup Weekend competition.

The idea of TimeKitJS was developed and presented.

TimeKit is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to synchronize a video with changes to your HTML and CSS. TimeKit reads simple data attributes in your HTML and uses them to trigger changes to your CSS when a video reaches a certain point in time. This allows designers to create interactive video experiences for the web that previously required working with a skilled JavaScript developer.

Need an example?

TimeKitJS Video Gallery: Use Case: Product Demo Video


TimeKitJS Use Case: Product Demo Video
Watch the TimeKitJS Use Case: Product Demo Talk-Through Video

Benefits of using TimeKit

Post-Production Time Savings

Do your post production work in HTML and CSS not a video editor that will flatten everything out and make it invisible to Google


Easily serve text and image overlays depending on where your visitor is coming from. Perhaps your video is in English, but you have different product labeling in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the United States

SEO Benefits

Add Microdata, Clickable Links, put and move text anywhere at any point in time on the video


Know how many video views and know how long each viewer watched the video

Keep Viewers on Your Site

Your video may be on vimeo or youtube, but the TimeKit features will only show on your site. Encourage sharing to get traffic and views to your page, not your YouTube channel.



Why not use Popcorn.js?

Currently to build this Frontline video using Popcorn.js you’d have to have a JavaScript ninja write these 600 lines of JavaScript.

Popcorn.js was being called “the next big thing in Internet video” in articles by Wired and Fast Company.

We think TimeKit.js just antiquated all that.



Columbia Startup Weekend 2103
Columbia Startup Weekend 2103

We received this summary from the organizers and thought we’d share it again here:

Information on the 2013 Columbia Startup Weekend:

130 Participants

50% student
34 female participants (almost tripling the previous year)
72 non-technical/38 developers/20 designers

35 Pitches on Friday night

19 Teams (Final Presentations)

10 Organizers

25 Mentors

32 Sponsors


Want to see the Pitch or Final Presentation?!

Here is the recording:

Startup Weekend in the news 


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