Traditional Video

When you think video, you better think big.

Your Do It All Video Type

The good building blocks to any multimedia library frequently start with traditional video. These types of assets are common with most businesses and are essential for telling your story. Traditional video lays the groundwork for who you are and what you provide — delivering a more dynamic and retainable experience for consumers compared to written text.

Some of these video types include:

  • Corporate branded videos
  • “About Us” videos
  • Mini-Documentaries
  • Testimonials

The Value of Video

These traditional videos can be used in a variety of ways and places. However, their most common objective is to serve as a straightforward example of what value you provide to your audience. Engaging product or service videos are a popular way to leverage traditional video into your marketing plan. These assets serve as evergreen content and often provide businesses with strong anchor points for their website. With video being the most engaging form of media today, traditional video provides a good introduction to the possibilities of multimedia. Through timeless and enticing video production, you are setting your business up to speak to the modern consumer.

A Cut Above the Rest

Our approach to traditional video is simple — produce content that adds character to your site or advertising campaign, while simultaneously providing easy-to-digest value to the viewer. The making of a successful video starts with us doing our homework. Our Multimedia Department does extensive research to best understand your business and industry. Next, when we shoot, we always take charge directing and guiding all moving parts. We know being in front of a camera can be overwhelming and stressful, so we work to eliminate the anxiety and set up an environment where you just need to have fun — and well handle those irritating logistics.