Advertising & Promotional

Multimedia isn’t just a sales tool, it’s a vehicle for the customer journey.

Avoid Bad Video

Too often, video assets are highly produced and visually stunning. However, they fail to deliver the right results. The reason being, they weren’t made to fit the consumer. Today, many ads and promotions do not focus on what the target audience cares about or how they engage — instead reverting to what producers and executives think they believe should care about.

Knowing How To Speak

Our Multimedia Department understands how to devise, create, and implement an ad stack that features video assets to fit a consumer at different stages of the sales funnel. The versatility that is attached with video allows for a more dynamic and engaging customer journey, making sales funnels more successful.

Some commercial and ad types include:

  • Narrative/scripted commercials
  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Cinemagraphs
  • 15 second or less

Video is about relationships

Multimedia is a powerful medium for connecting with people. Yet, because of the near-limitless possibilities and creative functionality attached to it, the main focus gets lost. A successful video ad or promotion is one that identifies the pain point for a specific audience and delivers them a realistic solution. Our philosophy is clear cut, how do we use video to highlight how you make the lives of consumers better.

Hire The Right Director

The number one reason to create a commercial or ad is to increase sales or the visibility of your business or product. We help you achieve this goal through in-depth customer research, inventive messaging conception, high-level production, and more. With the bandwidth and capability to handle any type of shoot and a diverse network of videographers to help plan and create, we can handle every aspect of your scalable project — from scriptwriting to casting talent to sound design, and more.